Don’t go into debt and or rack up huge credit card bills in order to buy your friends and family gifts for the holidays. It’s not worth the anxiety, setback and stress going into the new year. Send a card, write a letter or make a phone call. As always it’s the thought, not the gift that counts.

Kids don’t need much. Lots of great memories can be had without digging into debt.   3 in 10 Americans Are Still Paying for Last Year’s Holiday Expenditures But that … Read more

While Americans Were Celebrating The Christmas Holidays OBAMA Was Busy Working Against Us, Infuriating China Over Taiwan, And Further Arming Of Syrian Rebels Leading Russia To Declare It As A Hostile Act!

by Pamela Williams I imagine you are wondering why I said Obama was working against the American people by signing in the 2017 Defense Bill. I will explain. This is … Read more