Now they want to limit free speech? Trump’s use of social media has destroyed the Dems ability to control the narrative thru the corrupt legacy media

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Democrats Want to Limit Free Speech, Regain an Iron Grip on ‘The Narrative’

Twitter has caved to the pressure from the left and announced that it will no longer run political advertisements, including any for candidates running for president in 2020. That’s because Democrats view free speech as a threat and want to regain their iron grip over “The Narrative.”

After Donald Trump’s historic victory in the 2016 presidential election, liberals embraced all sorts of conspiracy theories to explain how Hillary Clinton lost an election that virtually everyone expected her to win. Unable to accept the election results as a repudiation of their corrupt candidate and the Democrat Party’s legacy of failed policies, they insisted that the Trump campaign must have cheated.

They ultimately settled on “collusion with Russia” as their hoax of choice, but even after spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on a two-and-a-half year investigation into that “#resistance” fantasy, the best that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of Democrat lawyers could come up with was evidence that a handful of Russians had posted some memes on Facebook — which didn’t stop Democrats from going apoplectic over the supposedly grave threat to our democracy posed by the online sharing of photos with humorous captions.

Apart from exonerating President Trump of the scurrilous allegations leveled against him by vindictive Democrats, the main takeaway from Mueller’s investigation was that Democrats are extremely concerned about the power of social media to circumvent the standard media channels they control. Legacy media outlets such as CNN and The New York Times are vital to the Democrats’ political power, using their influence to create an “echo chamber” in support of liberal viewpoints.

Over the course of Donald Trump’s presidency, the left has pursued this strategy more aggressively than ever before, deploying its legions of loyal liberal journalists to craft a Democrat-friendly narrative at every opportunity. The unsuccessful effort by liberal media outlets to defameSupreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh should have given them pause, but instead they sunk even lower by embarking on a nationwide smear campaign against a high school student, Nicholas Sandmann, demonizing him as a bigot based on nothing more than his decision to show his support for the president by wearing a MAGA hat. As these appalling cases of journalistic malpractice illustrate, today’s mainstream media act more like public relations firms on the payroll of the Democratic Party than independent seekers of truth.


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