Now what! A stainless steel shortage?

My material suppliers are saying there’s a shortage of stainless steel for fabrication purposes.

I’m talking 300 series stainless, of which my company has used quite a bit. Very difficult to come by now, if not impossible.

Stainless is used in many applications, and likely there’s some within your field of view right now.

Top U.S. Stainless Steel Maker Roiled by Supply Chain Woes

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Terrible stainless steel shortage 2021 continues

Aided by the Corona pandemic, serious structural problems in the global production, supply and distribution of steel and stainless steel have been evident since November 2020. European and American steel producers no longer manage (or do not want to manage) to fully supply their markets. In addition, the USA and EU have imposed strict import restrictions which make it almost impossible for most stainless steel purchasers to reliably buy material abroad.

Result: Massive shortage of steel and stainless steel

The result is a massive shortage of steel and stainless steel in Europe and the United States. Prices are exploding. Lead times for some grades of steel have now reached December 2021. Or certain grades of stainless steel are not to be produced at all in 2021. Companies in the downstream industry will have to scale back production or shut down altogether. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are at risk of being lost.

For many purchasers and companies, the question is hardly one of price, but whether urgently needed steel or stainless steel is still available at all!

Stainless is a critical material in many applications, from vehicles and aviation, to medical.


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