Police scramble to deal with deadly road rage during pandemic

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In 2020, 42 people a month on average were shot and killed or wounded in road rage incidents, according to a recent report

When an SUV cut off Marlin Smith’s Jeep near a busy intersection in Las Vegas late last month, he got angry and honked his horn.

A passenger in the SUV got out and threw a beer can at Smith’s Jeep, witnesses told Las Vegas police. Smith then stepped out and argued with the passenger. Tempers flared. The SUV’s driver ended up running over Smith, police said, critically injuring him.

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Smith, 73, a retired Navy officer who worked security at Las Vegas casinos, died the next morning from blunt force trauma. The Clark County coroner’s office ruled the death a homicide.

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“We’re devastated about what happened,” Kaycee Frost, Smith’s daughter, said in an interview with Stateline. “We’re all traumatized. My mom was in the car and witnessed her husband being killed.”



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