NWO: Why we’re still far from defeating fascism on the Left in every State from Brussels to Brisbane

by John Ward

The same mentality that cannot accept the idea of the EU as a force behind totalitarianism is the same one that believed things could only get better under Tony Blair – and now believes jabs, masks and lockdowns that don’t work are the Big Dandy Things we should all get behind. From Arkansas to Australia, our chief enemy remains blind belief.

The easiest thing to spot in all three of those cases is, of course, an entirely injudicious mixture of psychopathy and blatant double standards. Michel Barnier, Anthony St John Blair and Boris Johnson are all despicable troughers out for themselves who lie with roughly the same autonomic ease as most people breathe.

But something ‘easy to spot’ among the 1 in 8 is by comparison a blind spot for the self-styled Leftlib tendency. When it comes to the inalienable civil right not to get worried about a virus that kills hardly anyone who is economically active, the Leftlibs insist that everyone must be forcibly “vaccinated” with formulations that are low in efficacy, high in risk and sky-high in cost. To do otherwise (they claim) is the worst kind of eugenics…..deliberately killing old people.

Did they study the empirical reality of Hancock the serial eugenicist genocidal maniac who dumped dying, infectious Covid patients into care homes? They did not.

Did they interrogate the words about ‘no compulsory vaccination’ in the reality context of blackmailing people into getting vaxxed via threats of no travel, no holidays, no pubs, no social life and – above all – no job? They did not.

The principles of individual rights, free speech and genuine democratic choice are not safe in the hands of the contemporary Left: at best, they will carelessly drop this precious Ming vase of freedom; at worst, they will knowingly throw it onto the deck – and jump up and down on the shards…happy in the certainty that they will throw such unnecessary weight overboard once they tire of smashing it.

There is a very simple ethical question to be addressed here: is there any substantive difference between pinning someone to the ground while you stick a needle in their arm….and blackmailing a citizen into a corner where they cannot function without obedience to your fascist insistence?

My contention is this: no, of course there isn’t. Either way, the State has forced a citizen to submit to something at best risky against their will.

So I feel immediately vindicated by looking into the “news” circulating widely on French social media that the EU plans to ban any and all Vaxx blackmail in the EU after October 20th.

And indeed, the EU site itself reveals the Jabs Kommissar Stella Kyriakides having this to say in a press release last June:

Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, said: “Today we take the first step towards establishing a broad portfolio of treatments for COVID-19. While vaccination is progressing at an increasing rate, the virus is not going away and patients will need safe and effective treatments to reduce the pressure of COVID-19. Our goal is clear: to identify additional pioneering candidates in development and to approve at least three new treatments by the end of the year. This is what the European Health Union is all about.”

This does, of course, leave open the tricky question as to why the EHU for eighteen months rubbished all such prophylactic and management drugs causing tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. There is much use of grandiloquence (as always with the Sprouts) in the presser about coordination, pioneering, effectiveness and so forth…..an onanistic tone which achieves effortless ejaculation in this truly delusional paragraph:

‘This strategy, which focuses on the treatment of COVID-19 patients, builds on the EU’s successful vaccine strategy, under which safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines have been licensed for use in the EU to prevent and reduce case transmission, hospitalisation, and death rates from the disease.’

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Apart from the EU making a complete Horlicks of both development and distribution of vaccines that aren’t vaccines, and the emerging risks of these “safe” vaccines, and the obvious inefficacy in building reliable immunity, long term immunity and inability to spread, and the hospital bed take-up being as bad as ever, and the death rates failing to get anywhere down close to the levels of Turkey and India (which both have a 90% Ivermectin strategy) the paragraph is pretty well bang on really.

Nevertheless, I can find no sign at all in this linked EU release that a law with teeth is going to be passed at all by anyone – let alone the EU. ‘Bernadette’ the original author at Cogiito seems to have spliced the EU press release with some contrarian remarks published by the Pasteur Institute. In recent weeks, both the Government and the gendarmes have brought a hail of “fake news” criticism down on Cogiito’s head. It feels to me like the site has been “turned” and – as a prelude to next Spring’s French election – written a lot of nonsense about Brussels having had a change of heart.

Brussels doesn’t do changes of heart. There are two reasons for this: it doesn’t have a heart, and (like the USSR upon which it is modelled) it never makes mistakes. What the commissioners do have is tame journalists throughout the European press and social media who continue to spit venom at the UK for daring to leave the EU with a mere five years notice.

One such is Christophe Lucet, a leader-writer at the regional title Sud Ouest. His editorial last week (‘The sticking plaster that is Brexit’) was the worst example of bigoted bile, petulant animosity and utterly uniformed attack on British departure I’ve read so far. He is the sort of egotistical ideologue who would’ve been, during 1968, in the vanguard of Kremlin relics urging the removal and humiliation of Aleksander Dubcek.

A perhaps more encouraging anti-NWO sign emerged from The Fourth Australian Reich last week, when Gladys Berejiklian resigned as New South Wales Premier. The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) on Friday announced it would investigate Berejiklian for potentially breaching public trust regarding her relationship with former MP Daryl Maguire.

But it’s a big perhaps.

G’day Possums

Maguire had left his wife by the time he and ‘Glad’ (cue Dame Edna’s gladioli) began their close personal and frequently horizontal pillow-conversation discussions. The issue at stake isn’t sexual morals, but alleged evidence that she acted to advance his multi-million dollar business interests. His company, G8way International, promised to sell influence and experience reaching to the highest levels of government. During their jiggy-jiggy thing, several alarmingly coincidental awards were dispensed by Berejiklian in ways that – without question – benefited old dog Daryl.

Dodgy Daryl is now universally referred to as “disgraced” by the Aussie media.

That’s at the surface of the affair (sorry, issue) but it doesn’t begin to explain why Glad’s abrupt resignation is a potential blow for the 0.001%.

You see, MP Clive Palmer has consistently argued that the NSW régime run by First Secretary Glad is nothing more than a vehicle for pushing Global Pharma’s bonkers vaccination anti-science. And that element of the scandal is the reason why independent online media are getting over-excited, and lackey search-engines like Google have declared Palmer to be an Unperson.

However, somewhat concerning in all this is that the ICAC’s inquiry seems to have no remit beyond Glad and Daryl’s exchanges of financial information, investment possibilities and bodily fluids. Further, both Twitter and Facebook have been creative in the manufacturing of ‘trends’ suggesting that the former NSW PM is some kind of 21st century Joan of Arc.

I’m offering today’s Slogpost as a warning to everyone among the 1 in 8 who sees any major following wind in our favour at this point. On the day during which a powerful State organ takes on those who wish to demolish the Social Contract, I shall rejoice. But that is a long way from where we are this Sunday.

Enjoy your lunch.



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