NYPD Arrests Woman for Selling Mangoes (as Violent Crime Skyrockets)

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Who the hell would think living in NYC is a good idea?

Violent criminals are marauding around “Da City,” yet NYPD targets and arrests a lady who is selling fruit to subway commuters.

Check this latest news out:

NYC Mayor Adams Defends Police for Handcuffing Vendor Who Sold Mangoes in Subway

“Da Next day, it’s propane tanks being on the subway system. Da next day, it’s barbecuing,” the mayor said after María Falcon was detained in Brooklyn for selling fruit.

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By Chelsia Rose Marcius
May 9, 2022

Mayor Eric Adams on Monday defended police officers who last month handcuffed a woman accused of selling fruit without a license in a Brooklyn subway station, saying mango sales could pave the way for bigger problems.

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When asked by reporters about the incident — which was captured on video and later led to an outcry on social media — Mr. Adams said that New Yorkers must “follow rules” when selling food in the subways, and that the Police Department should enforce them.

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“Da next day, it’s propane tanks being on the subway system,” Mr. Adams said at an unrelated City Hall news conference. “Da next day, it’s barbecuing on the subway system. You just can’t do that.”

The remarks from Mr. Adams, who said he was concerned about commuters getting ill from food sold without a permit, came as he continued to champion the enforcement of so-called quality-of-life matters — an approach to policing that critics say targets vulnerable people and does little to improve public safety. The incident followed several high-visibility arrests of vendors in recent years that have drawn attention and outrage.

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