Obama Is Going Down As the Worst Ex-President In History

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
As more of Obama’s nefarious deeds are unveiled, his reputation continues to suffer tremendously. The former President not only worked through organizations such as Organizing For Action (OFA) and even the deep state, but has also been outed by Judge Napolitano, who revealed that Obama did, in fact, wiretap President Trump during the 2016 election, and without a warrant. Is there no end to the treachery of the disgraced former President? Obama’s popularity continues to decrease by the day, with only himself to blame.
Judge Andrew Napolitano notified the country of Obama’s misconduct, while simultaneously dispelling popular myths and common beliefs. For starters, as President, Obama was well within his rights to wiretap any American. He was not required to seek any warrant from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The FBI is purely interested in law enforcement matters, not the approval of search warrants. This knowledge will most likely come as a shock to a plethora of American who subscribed to the notion that all surveillance demanded a warrant from a judge or law enforcement. In more shocking news, permission from FISA is absolutely irrelevant to any President who wishes to wiretap persons or organizations which are stationed in America. All digital information going in and out of America on fiber optics is recorded in virtual ‘real time’ by the NSA. The NSA is stationed in the Pentagon, which works for the President and also monitors all conversations between the American people. To keep tabs on Trump Towers, Obama’s only required step was to ask the NSA for transcripts of all phone conversations held within Trump Towers for the duration of the campaign. The ease in which Obama was able to spy on his political opponent is shocking and frightening, yet very real. This news serves as reputable means for Obama’s alleged surveillance of the President, despite his denial.

Moreover, Napolitano asserted that President Trump is at war with the deep state. This is an unfortunate reality, but should not be a secret. The deep state loathes and fears the Commander in Chief because he is not aligned with them and cannot be bought or controlled. Most politicians make the error of accepting donations from deep state workers while they are running for office, but the President took a different course of action by funding his own campaign and accepting donations from his supporters who believed in him. President Trump is beholden to no one, except the American People. He is an incredible billionaire in his own right, therefore the deep state cannot buy him off. Mr. Trump is one of the first President in generations who is not a puppet for the political elites. Obama remains in cahoots with the deep state and works tirelessly in the hopes of undermining and sabotaging the Trump Presidency. He will not succeed; the only thing Obama will sabotage is his precious legacy and reputation as an ex-President.

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12 thoughts on “Obama Is Going Down As the Worst Ex-President In History

  1. Obam was never the real president as he is a fraud and inserted by the deep state. Everything was rigged for him to usurp the office of yet another fraud DC a corporation bankrupt for the third time. Read this. You may need to go to startpage to access the report. 84 pages long but wow.

    • I always thought his image was more substantial than his substance. A GQ runway model really, protecting Wall Street and his CIA colleagues.

  2. What “legacy”? Nobody knew who this mutt was before he sprang on the scene, straight from Central Casting. He’s the Nobel winning bomber, Anti-American non-traditionalist destroyer of worlds. He’s wholly owned by Gyorgy Swartz (Soros) and his owner Rothschild.
    Being totally disgusting, what’s to damage? Had they successfully installed The Queen of War, they may have hastened their goal of totally destroying the country. As it is they are hard at work at it, they are simply required to take a somewhat less direct approach.

  3. When I see Glass-Steagall reinstated, improved relations with Russia, and a real investigation of 9/11, I will believe that Trump is not a pawn for the Deep State. The abolition of the CIA would also be nice.

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