OBAMA killed the pipeline, seized the Internet & cut off your ammo in just ONE WEEK!

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Obama vetoes Keystone XL bill | TheHill

President Obama on Tuesday vetoed legislation authorizing construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, rebuffing the new Republican-led Congress amid a furious battle over Homeland Security funding.
The veto — just the third of Obama’s presidency and his first of major legislation — was made in private and without fanfare, reflecting tensions in the Democratic Party over whether the controversial pipeline should be approved.
“Through this bill the United States Congress attempts to circumvent longstanding and proven processes for determining whether or not building and operating a cross-border pipeline serves the national interest,” Obama said in his veto statement. [READ OBAMA’S VETO STATEMENT.]
The War On Preppers: Obama Bans Ammo For The Most Popular Rifle In America
Barack Obama Giving Orders - Public Domain
Because he can’t get Congress to approve the things that he wants to do, Barack Obama has apparently decided to rule by decree for the rest of his time in the White House.  One of Obama’s latest moves is to try to ban some of the most popular ammunition for the most popular rifle in America.  Previously, the Obama administration attempted unsuccessfully to ban the AR-15.  That didn’t work, so now Obama is going after the ammunition.  This is yet another example of the war on preppers that is going on all over the nation.  Whether you are a gun owner or not, this assault on our constitutional rights should disturb you greatly.  Barack Obama has promised to try to squeeze as much “change” as possible out of his last two years, and in the process he is “fundamentally transforming” America.  But what will our country look like when he is done?
At the top of the Drudge Report today, there was a story from the Washington Examiner detailing this ammo ban…

As promised, President Obama is using executive actions to impose gun control on the nation, targeting the top-selling rifle in the country, the AR-15 style semi-automatic, with a ban on one of the most-used AR bullets by sportsmen and target shooters.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives this month revealed that it is proposing to put the ban on 5.56mm ammo on a fast track, immediately driving up the price of the bullets and prompting retailers, including the huge outdoors company Cabela’s, to urge sportsmen to urge Congress to stop the president.

And here is more on this ammo ban from the NRA
FCC approves sweeping Internet regulation plan, Obama accused of meddling

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday adopted sweeping new regulations sought by President Obama for how Americans use and do business on the Internet, in a party-line vote that is sure to be challenged by the broadband industry.
The commission, following a contentious meeting, voted 3-2 to adopt its so-called net neutrality plan — a proposal that remained secret in the run-up to the final vote.
On its surface, the plan is aimed at barring service providers from creating paid “fast lanes” on the Internet, which consumer advocates and Internet companies worry would edge out cash-strapped startups and smaller Internet-based businesses. Chairman Tom Wheeler said it would ensure an “open, unfettered network.”
But the rules, more broadly, would put the Internet in the same regulatory camp as the telephone by classifying it like a public utility, meaning providers like Comcast or Verizon would have to act in the “public interest” when providing a mobile connection to your home or phone.
Republican Commissioner Ajit Pai, who delivered some of the most scathing criticism of the plan Thursday, warned the policy represents a “monumental shift” to “government control of the Internet.”
Further, he accused the FCC of bending to the will of Obama, who last fall came out in favor of such a sweeping regulatory plan.
Pai said the FCC was reversing course from past positions for one reason: “President Obama told us to do so.”
He warned of a litany of negative consequences, intended or not, from the net neutrality plan. He said it allows rate regulation — and, ultimately, rates will go up and broadband service will slow.

Time left until Obama leaves office

See also  Pentagon reclaims 6% of the entire internet that was mysteriously handed over to a Florida company on the day Trump left office

89 thoughts on “OBAMA killed the pipeline, seized the Internet & cut off your ammo in just ONE WEEK!

  1. And the Republicans sat on their hands and let it all happen. Thanks a lot jerks. What good did it do to give you control of both the house and senate again? Apparently nothing.

    • It did no good because you all re-elected all the old whores that are pimping themsleves to the corporations with the $$$$$$$$.
      Elect a whore, then re-elect that whore on steroids and what do you get???? You get DRUG RESISTANT syphillis, or gonnorhea, or sores on the pecker. That is what you voted to have by voting for all the old swine who are whoring for the corps.
      Talk about being asleep?

      • Too bad that when the old whores go a whoring, that their skin doesn’t bubble up really bad or something that we could see.

  2. He only did it because nobody did anything to stop it or him. He cannot do dick unless you allow him. When those who’s duty it is to prevent this bozo from being a dictator do not do their jobs , as he does not do his become traitors then the people must rise and take back control. Nothing can be taken from you or us unless you or we refuse to fight. This clown is nothing more then the highest ranking servant we employ, we employ all of them, so we can make them unemployed real fast, They are all traitors. it is time to gather them up, try them with a jury of 12 angry men, find them guilty and execute them. Until you or we make a stand, this will only get worse.

    • “the people must rise” Every time I hear that it makes me think of the walking dead or people coming straight up without bending there knees and they look scary. But it’s wishful thinking that people will rise, they have been asleep for a long time, they will die like this. They will just drift off in to oblivion. Very few will rise or do anything. Those that intend to “rise” like you say will just simply be squashed quickly and efficiently and without much fan fare. If yo want to survive these things, you want to keep quiet and stealthy and you want to get out of America and live somewhere else.

    • You all voted to re-elect all the encumbent fuggers that ran for re-election. You wanna bitch and moan…..stick it. Look in the mirror and slit your throat……literally. That is what you have done with your worthless, brain dead voting.

  3. He can ban whatever he wants. I’m busy building ARs and reloading my own ammo. Hey ATF, you want my ‘armor-piercing’ bullets? I’ll deliver them to you one at a time. Minus the powder, primer and brass case of course.

    • Wiki even describes what is the most popular semi automatic .22 cal rifle the Ruger 10/22 receiver is now available made from the 3D printer.
      Gun control will and ammo bans will NEVER happen in America. Times of certain calibers getting lean? yes. And some calibers getting more costly? sure.
      But actual bans and restrictions are NEVER going to happen.
      Like you said. The people will just make whatever they want or need and by pass government regs. Same as corrupt POTUS and bad government is doing now going around Congress to get many things done.

      • sorry pale, your full of shit…..you said “Gun control will and ammo bans will NEVER happen in America”..oh yea? well, same was said about health care, that it would never happen, same was said about the net, that being taken over would never happen….same was said about the borders being left wide open, that it would never happen and so on and so on……..yes, its happening and not enough stupid people are standing up doing anytihng about it

        • Should I get a violin for you? If not,then how about you play one along with your tune and tone there next time?
          I don’t care if they take over the net. I’m out already anyway. And nothing they do or take over ever accomplishes JACK CRAP!
          Got my guns and ammo taken under medical tyranny over 6 times. No crime. No judge. No jury. And nobody in the world did a damned thing about it to help me out legislatively,judicially or executive. Except God Alone backing up HIS NATURAL LAW/S!
          And guess what Mr know it all and experienced it all? Every time I showed my legal bill of sales through FFL and ATF background checks , I got all my guns back every single time. God is my witness. Except for one metal ammo box that had some boxes of various size calibers for handguns and rifles,a brand new pair of Uncle Mikes leather shooting gloves and a cheap pair of those fold-able Remington Hearing protectors. Apparently that ammo can the tyrant bully Nazi Amerikan cops took “under color of law” never got entered into record at the police station. Just went off missing all on it’s own. So for over 15 years and half dozen locked hospital visits that’s the only thing I lost. I consider myself very blessed. And I never had to shed out one penny to ever get back my own legally owned,legally purchased firearms. Actually now that I think about it, I did lose one other thing. Actually I gave it to the police chief when he asked to see it. He made one phone call. Never gave me a paper receipt,statement or nothing and he just took my Concealed Weapons Permit. That I didn’t ever get back. But then again I did not even try to get it back. Doesn’t matter to me now. I know my rights and am going to exercize them responsibly like I always have. And many states including my own here are poised and positioned to pass Constitutional Carry so no CWP or CCW permits are needed to do what God always said any could and should do from his NT Word even.
          So Mr Not Know it All So Much. I been down this road of tyranny in Amerika longer and more and in more ways then any other single person on the planet or nation that I know of. Perhaps I should have worded my statement better? If or when they take the guns? You get them back if your with God and have no money or if your with god and you have money. So when gun confiscation happens? Nothing happens but peoples lives on BOTH sides of fence are put in danger while no lasting or significant change ever happens. I and ALL my past and present bares witness to those facts and evidences anywhere,anytime in front of anyone all by myself and or with a little help from my good friends who are for right acting government.
          And ammo they can never take legally and lawfully. If any one person by color of law government second amendment infringement on that inalienable right ever comes for the ammo? Then another family member should stand up in protest that it’s their ammo too. Or that it belongs to the whole family and or hunting camp estate? They should at least be able to be given the choice of selling the ammo and collecting the profits for the civilian Americans family and or own state militia who owns it or inherits the ammo before government.
          There are many peaceable ways around and straight through any and every form of tyranny. With the video camera’s in civilians hands is one of the best. And knowing your rights is right up there too. But NOTHING comes even close in comparison to KNOWING GOD and knowing what HE wants to do in and through your life,including sometimes some temporal forfeiture of your life,property or effects. I say temporal because if God does it or allows it to happen to you or I? Then if we have the right position in Christ and right response to that? Even if we didn’t like it while it was happening? Then we get it back and more of it back in abundance too! But of our response to a Holy Righteous Sinless God and Perfect Natural Law is not correct? Then we keep on loosing.
          When they come. Insist on a Sheriff being present and order him to give you and your residence,estate or family a statement IMMEDIATELY of what is being confiscated! Your chances of getting your stuff back significantly improve when you do that. And if you live in any area who might have a rogue tyrant authoritarian Sheriff who doesn’t mean to uphold his oath? Then that’s your own dumb ass’s peoples fault for electing him. And or it’s your own dumb ass’s fault for remaining living in any area run by jack boot thug mafias and scum dictator tyrant cops of any badge,uniform,bank,military and color of law that happens to come along for the ride,high or paycheck.
          On Heathcare. That hasn’t actually happened in all places with all people and all businesses. And I’ll tell you one example here how. After medical tyranny repeatedly happened to me in one area and in one state.
          I moved to another state and never consented any of my medical records to be released to that new home state or to any Federal government places. Medical/healthcare records are like the Federal Reserve being audited. Medically speaking they are HIPPA protected and have a lawsuit coming before a jury trial soon as they fu#k with me again! My own family when they requested the information on my medical/healcare records and whereabouts even information as to what prison hospital they dissappeared me at one time couldn’t even be given that information on me! So if any comes at me now, and that they have anything as it relates to that on me then they got it illegally and unlawfully because I never signed a release of medical/healthcare information form. And then someone dies or has to defend themselves against me ProSe in any court anywhere in the country anytime! Because I love God and I have nothing better to do then fight for America and fight for my own rights while publicly witnessing to the Power and Presence of Almighty God and His Blessed Word!
          Now lastly you seemed to have some piss ass worthless rant on the open borders also without even also providing your own solution as to what YOU’RE doing about it and the Illegals that YOU come across ,until such a time as some sane reasonable prudent conservative president and real right government takes right action?
          I’ve already heard Ted Cruise and Rand Paul’s statement on Obamacare and open borders. I agree with them. It will get reversed. Until then be part of the solution and maybe feed or cloth an illegal? Or take one shooting,hunting or fishing or some sh!t! And don’t just be part of the problem like the US president/s,the war mongering Bank /Federal Reserve and the main stream media fear mongering something to that tune America is lost propaganda bullsh!t and lies son! America has NEVER ever BEEN stronger then it is now in real hearts of real people all across America!
          When it comes to what you’re speaking about? Thought it has some truths in it? It’s all a facade. Especially when you get your stuff back and more of it because you then finally learned properly what real life and real liberty is and where it ALL comes from with God! And so YOU WORSHIP HIM,YOU SPEAK ABOUT HIM,YOU PRAY TO HIM,YOU GO TO HIM WITH YOUR PROBLEMS AND CONCERNS! And then you act on what you hear from God (that’s faith) and you act on what brings God glory and honor and then HE WILL do the same back for you eventually! God is my witness!
          Instead of like you are sounding now all so pathetic,weak and withered. While you are still going to and talking about the sinful fallen corrupt NWO Illuminati state and any else also who is corrupted,sinful,defiled and judged by God Amerika and America,Titanic ship of that state that’s sinking rapidly every day and hour!
          There. I hope that was an eye opener for you at least a little bit there Mr NOT Know it All or Anything at All from the RIGHT vantage view point of God’s and His Word!
          Because you’re just a sorry ass,whiny,complaining,unregenerate,worthless mother fucking piece of sh!t!
          God’s word updated here below since,”there is a time of peace and time for war.”
          “Let no unwholesome word proceed out of your mouth,pen or typed words UNLESS you are at all out open war and all in!” Then slaughter the fu#kers at least spiritually,politically while also devastating the enemies pride and ego so you,myself and any might get back to any semblance of what works (having knowing NOW hopefully fully what does NOT work!) And so getting back to common law,Constitution,Bill of Rights,Declaration of Independence including with the money and Bank. With any right moral sane government which includes Constitutional God’s Natural Laws for all people at all times in all places! Or God or I will do it ourselves whenever and wherever we see fit!
          Keep talking about “stupid people”. That sure get you higher up the rungs closer to God and whatever HE freely offers. Gruber found that one the hard and costly way. Apparently there are others who need a similar lesson in economics Gods way or the worlds way also?

          • So one man got lucky dealing with abusive government and he thinks this kind of fight with the goons can be won everytime..Hate to break bad news, but you were an exception an aberration in their plan and they will crush you to prevent you from being an example…What ever, all attributed to “god” protecting him…there is a believer born every minute, but dont worry, your fictional invisible god will forget you soon enough..Its only a matter of time of gilded shielded one…Meanwhile the rest of humanity has to deal with the realilty of very evil people trying to crush them and trying to figure out when they will have personal courage enough to fight back…

          • There ya go, set yourself up on that pedestal and look like a hero while “dealing with reality.”

          • #1 The Blessing of God is NEVER luck or even “getting lucky”. Cuz it’s a Promise of God.
            #2 Anyone is able to get the Blessing of God for themselves and what interests them also.
            #3 All goons have sin and sin all the time. All sin and that power of sin in any evil doer from anyone in any flavor and any color of law and ranking of goon or government or person is also able to be defeated fully completely even as Christ Jesus did and has if any has Him in and through them rightly. Even from eternity past,present and future.
            #4 You will personally see and experience exactly how much make believe the God who conquered sin and every way of this world actually really is all the time,space and eternity all at once while doing different things in different people at various times all for His Own Good purposes and pleasure.
            So just be more patient and don’t get in the way of anyone else at least till you have power,authority,jurisdiction and right purpose/s according to God,His Word,and from His Spirit to do so for them and not necessarily for any oneself unless they are aligned with any of that rightly also according to God.
            That’s also saying don’t get in the way of any new believer or your judgment and punishment will be more sever. And that hardship,persecution and difficulty will eventually add to that new believers faith that has overcome the world or it won’t because it wasn’t or isn’t overcoming jack crap faith, and so then in that case isn’t conquering faith of Christ and His Righteousness either. So then no greater harm is done to anyone in that fallen sinful state/condition since they are already sinful and fallen and conquered by the world which includes sin anyway if they aren’t overcoming with the righteousness of Christ.
            The Righteousness of Christ is fact and real and is Master and all else and everything else is slave,servant and debtor to that and them.
            Ask yourself how much Johnathan Gruber understood this fact of wisdom here. Proverbs. And then ask yourself if that is very wise for you to remain as you are or if you need a Lord and Savior in Jesus and His wisdom also?
            Proverbs 13:13 NASB The one who despises the word will be in debt to it, But the one who fears the commandment will be rewarded.
            So there is two number 13’s. Who ever said the number 13 was an unlucky number or one that isn’t so blessed as the other numbers? The racists like yourself?

          • ya ya..another sermon…sheesh, and another sermon that doesn’t change any facts on the ground….my ears bleed from the seekers…

          • Mark the words none the less Faithful and True. You and anyone overcomes sin of self and sins of others against you. Or the sins of self and sins of others consume and utterly devour you for all eternity eventually. And none of that can be done apart from the righteousness of Christ. And none can have the righteousness of Christ while they attempt to maintain or establish any of their own righteousness.

          • That is because most of these guys didn’t get passed the 5th grade. The other reason could be that the medications nurse was sick today

          • As a matter of fact I want you to come right here to the very spot I am at and see if you are able to do any better with all your education and my old computers? I bet you smash my old computer the first day! Have a stroke within ONE WEEK! Are a complete invalid and vegetable in two weeks. And dead in body and mind in three weeks. Then you might be ready to properly recieve Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and then grammar won’t matter too much to you either while your doing five things at once including typing comments and listing to world news.

      • I could sit here and debate everything you just said with facts, but only need to call you out on one…. if your info comes from an open source site like wiki you are too ignorant to properly research and hold a valid opinion.

        • That was the only source I quoted. I know of many other sites when it broke who successfully made the 3D printed firearm years ago.
          So #1 It’s not my opinion but fact.
          #2 It isn’t only mine (whatever)because I didn’t even invent it or patent it.
          #3 It’s YOU have and hold less value and content substance then what I have here even with wiki info.
          The truth is anybody can build any firearm off the books apart from the ATF and FFL. Anyone can still get what I have and saw at least up to 110 round drum magazines for ammo dispensing.
          And anyone can make their own ammo.
          So what was your point and argument again?

          • The point is if the initial site you are using for your information is open source, like wiki, then you are too incompetent to even know how to research your own information. As for your uneducated opinion on ammo, ammo manufacturers in the southeast have been shut down because it is becoming illegal to purchase lead which is used in the manufacturing of ammunition. You should learn to research or maybe I should just go to your open source research reference sites and change your opinion for you? Even if you did go research from closed source sites you would rather follow like a sheep because there is no way to change your opinion. You are too narrow minded to think outside your own box. Have fun being a gullible sheep. Deuces.

          • I already debunked everything you just said if you read all my posts here. The lead ammo topic too.
            I’m not sorry my incompetence is not up as high as yours is.

          • Great job on the debunking, only reference you used for research was wiki. Great job. You already showed the lack of value in your reseaerch regardless of what else you post. So if you want to say you “debunked” these articles to help you sleep at night, who am I to stop you?

          • It took me like 10 seconds to find the info that supported his claim of the .22 lr, how long did it take you to babble and whine about it? It looks like over an hour, that’s fucking awesome.

          • Thank you. But I think part of morons argument was that he had none soon as he didn’t furnish proof that wiki wasn’t 100% accurate at least in this matter and reporting. So he could just say.error,error,error or something like that to try to reinforce Googles Truth websight grab claim to internet/sensor controls for infringing the first amendment.
            He had no claim or just cause. You and I do. We win. : Thank you again.

        • Never never never never never never never tell me or my God of the first amendment of Ours NEVER TO SAY NEVER!
          That’s you trying to restrict my free speech and my Great Commission from Jesus Christ to his disciples and I won’t stand for it! And NEITHER WILL HE!
          Now if Jesus Christ had said to his disciples. Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation only by using sign language baptizing them in the name of the Father Son and Holy spirit?……… But Jesus did not say that. So we MUST be able to speak! And for the hearing impaired we MUST also be able to type and write it out for them also.
          Or like I said Jesus would have told his disciples who couldn’t heal the deaf mutes to take a sign language course so they could silently spread the gospel………NOT!

          • Don’t make it so painfully obvious to the world why the “medical tyrants” took your weapons from you.

          • I totally understand your concern,paranoia,anxiety,fear,frustration,despair,contempt and complacency of fools. And I don’t mind it one bit myself to be master of all that and much more along side with my personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who always gives me my stuff back and more.
            If you have any pain from “painfully obvious” then you really should get that checked out. ‘Pain’ is an indicator that something is wrong inside yourself.
            Have a nice day. 🙂
            And here is one for you chew on. 2 Timothy 1:7 KJV “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a SOUND MIND.”
            Did you happen to notice from your high up place all that S & M going on here? All that SOUND and MIND that is sexually frustrating to people like you,the medical tyrants and the cops that have to keep doing the same thing over and over again,with all the same people,places or things? Because God’s natural laws with any of all His inalienable rights He has covenant-ally,contractually even Constitutionally given any of us on planet earth (especially Americans of our Constitutional Republic who won our war of Independence many times over and will keep doing it however need be) isn’t really able to be violated by anyone for any significant amount or duration of time.
            Believe me. I thought the Man and mans medical was always right too. But nothing is further then the truth then that Man including mans medical posing as government while actually is only a rouge tyrant Bank/Bench and or color of law hired merc thug out for the free goodies themselves.

  4. Just another typical week of Obama’s presidency! Obviously on a mission from day one to transform this Constitutional republic of civil and religious liberty into a shadow of its former self. As far as his own personal agenda, who can argue that he has not met with great success, and even as a lame duck, thumbing his nose at every naysayer.

  5. And you let the negro do it!
    A sodomite negro too. Never invented or had anything to do with it. You are letting him take all your toys YOU invented. And a worthless negro come and you let him just take it all away.
    Do you know what a sodomite does? They are SICK people! Why is he ruling America?

  6. Obama’s not a president , is a Muslim operative Dick-tater who as been placed in to office to help the devil bring in the mark . And all votes are BS . All elections are BS just to make you feel like you have a chose . He as told a federal JUDGE to F O on his halt to his emergration of muslium B S . When will we stand up and take this man out of our HOUSE and take our country back from this DEVIL !!!!!!!

    • When you learn to spell. Seriously, are there any moderates left in the world? So you clearly think Obama is a Muslim and that Muslims are bad. Both of these are demonstrably false. He is not a great President, but it seems stupid and pointless to invent failures when he has plenty to point at without resorting to fiction. Also, god is a myth. That is all.


    • Well fellas, here is my take. If you want this BS to stop you need to take your rage to the real players that twist O’s tiny parts………go after Brezinski, Soros, and Rockefller. Then, do not forget the Nazi Bush cabal. You eliminate the ability of these rogue satanists to EVER again use their power to terroroze this nation and you have a real solution.
      While you are at the house cleaning, DO NOT FORGET CHEYNEY!!!!

  7. I’m actually glad the Keystone pipeline didn’t go through yet.
    For many reasons. But one is the fact this administration is doing whatever it can to create a civil war in America or get America into any WW3 scenario with it’s foreign policy straight out of the pit of Hell! And no American needs any pipeline during what could very easily be war time in America any day now. Pipelines make for easy targets to be blown up. And then all who were dependent on that supply would be SOL.

    • There are more TWO MILLION miles of pipeline already in the United States. Keep believing the little things are okay to take away from people, but before you do, read this.
      “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”
      Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf 1925

      • I need to get you a violin also.
        The globalists (NOT the little people)want a damned pipeline everywhere in every country! That’s also how the justify falsely their false reasons to go to war! Just watch the movie Shooter.
        One of the damnedest things about the pipelines is like the same with the 1996 telecommunications act where PTB can build a GWEN tower or cell tower on anyone’s land anytime and place they want and then get instant Federal Land grab access to the civilians owned,civilians tax payer paid land for NOTHING!
        The other damned thing about Pipelines is that they NEVER tear down the old ones that can’t run FULL CAPACITY due to their age!
        So take one down somewhere and then we will talk a valid debate about where the next one can be built!
        As for your Adolf quote? Keep quoting dead people and that’s ALL you will reap for yourself is what dead people can can give you! Otherwise start quoting from is given to life and the Author of all life non higher is Jesus Christ.

        • Keep drinking the koolaid. When Obama is done, you’ll be standing in line with the rest of us asking ‘what happened?’ and we’re tell you ‘we told you so.’

      • they can move as fast as they want, as no American will ever stand up and fight. They aren’t, and they haven`t, for a long LONG time. They have nothing to fear from the people.

        • I saw it in another book and they had the quote and said it was from Mein Kampf. The book was Willfully Ignorant by Pat Miller. So who do you think I’m going to believe, some know-it-all blogger or someone that wrote a book that was most likely fact checked it? Not you. By the way, it’s on page 77 of Willfully Ignorant.

    • They would be piping it to the west coast… tell me, how many refineries exist there? This is a move to sell this oil, to other countries.If it weren’t, they would run this pipe south…

      • As per Pastor Lindsey Grahams reveled news from his elite friend/s. It was reported that the US’s Liberty oil rig in Prudo Bay AK. That the Alaskan Pipeline could not handle the volume of oil product that rig of ours can put out due to the age of the Alaskan Pipeline. So we aren’t even getting our own US liquid gold down here to the lower 48 as it’s been! Instead Obama struck a deal with the Muslim brotherhood to sell our US oil to them instead of for our own people.
        Like I’ve been saying. Don’t create the false need by selling our resources abroad even Cloward and Pivon. And so get our own stuff to put out to the max for our own people first! And then if there is still a need for more pipeline or more pipelines? Then bring the facts and proposals to the table to be openly discussed and debated all the pros and cons with evidences supporting either the pro or con.
        What I’m saying here isn’t out of this world but totally reasonable. Because a spiritual true is that any of us MUST be faithful as much as we can with all that we do have available to us FIRST. And then the success and successful future of building on from there can ensue with God and many more peoples blessing including better feeling that the people could have if it’s rightly rather then by bullying and billy-goating their heads of State Goats around including along with foreign corporations when it could be and should be our very own US companies or corporations who should get first option to have at the pipeline project. Our OWN people and our OWN companies WITHIN the US need to be established and built up everywhere and anywhere possible FIRST AND FOREMOST!
        Or maybe hadn’t noticed our outstanding national debt sum and what little and few who pays to that just on the interest?
        I can’t tell you how many refineries are on the west coast. I don’t even know of any in Alaska. But I know if there was a serious enough need that somehow then there would be a way we’d be using what we already have MUCH better. Or we’d build it ourselves for ourselves first without foreign grappling hooks and all kinds of strings attached.

        • Well I CAN tell you how many refineries there are on the west coast..NONE.
          There are no plans to build any there either, and it is also too late to try to be isolationistic in your viewpoint of america.
          Everything you consume there is chinese and plastic. Guess what?? Plastics are petroleum products. Isolationism would throw the US into the third world faster than a rock into a lake. And religion will help nothing. Morality has no place in capitalism, and never did.

          • You are wrong. Morality needs to be now more then any other time in the history of the world. A.I. “moral” who will be running those pipelines included in that need also.
            Get a real argument. In fact get a life of your own on your own for your own and then get a real argument.

          • LOL just because you lost the argument, and have nothing to further the debate, i suddenly need to “get a life“. How would I get a life of my own on my own, but have it also be for my own? you debunk nothing, and spew empty feel good rhetoric.


          • And now you are yelling at me and highlighting your hypocritical nature. AND passing judgement. You are as Christian as you are intelligent. ( I am insinuating your lack of
            Both, in case you are too dim-witted to catch that.) continue being the least educated, mean spirited person doing the lords work.

          • #1. My caps lock button stuck on and didn’t feel like going back and retyping the whole thing.
            #2. I am a Judge raised up and appointed by God to Judge anyone and anything in this world and earth age because I will be doing it more along with HIM in the next age also.
            #3. The edication of this current worlds system apart from what is real math,science,language etc. is sinful,fallen and demonic like it’s head ring leader Lucifer who fell and can’t keep from stopping in all that fall of himself and his dumb followers like yourself. So that would make you and your education all the more “dim-witted” and inept then me and Mine because yours if built and mastered after the creature and the created and my education is not from this realm or world and is directly from the Creator.
            So make certain you have the right vantage point from Above with the Highest before you are critical of anyone else who is on par with you or below. That is,do that if you are appointed and made by God to be a right Judge like me also. Otherwise you will be a sinful fallen corrupt judge. And anyone can plainly see from history even to current day and time what that get’s any of those whole follow after and serve evil. Get’s them NOTHING!
            #4 My cap lock button didn’t stick there on that or this ‘NOTHING’ which you and yours are ALL about ALL the TIME far more then I EVER HAVE BEEN OR WILL BE!

          • The stories and information posted by “Pale Writer” are autistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted by him here as fact. Everyone with a logical brain knows the bible and this so called God are fake pieces of literature passed down and altered from generations so that uneducated people can have a guidance for morals and false hope.

          • I’ve got more paper trail history of both US governmental and medical tyranny through three US States from over 20 years of my adult life. And what’s also locked up in my firesafe here next to me that says you and yours are far more full of sh!t then I ever have been or could of been all on my own that whole time even to current day.
            So good luck strumming that tune Devils Pide Piper there blastercheese.

          • 7 mile due West of Nipomo California is a refinery. Go look for your self. Do you really think that the oil companies have been shipping crude from California to Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico or Texas? IMO the biggest reason that gas is so expensive in California is because Californians sue the crap out of the oil companies when the oil companies dump oil on the ground and don’t clean it up. Its a vicious cycle

  8. DENIAL,all of america is suffering from it,BUT NOT MUCH LONGER.soon most of you will be dead,and off to meet your new DADDY SATAN in hell,you haven’t protected your children,you’ve been silent about the Queers using your churches for them to slap the LORD in his face by letting them get married in HIS CHURCHES,and the LIST goes on and on…..you finished america and its by your own hand,YOU WERE JUST TO “YELLOW” TO STOP IT……now you die…..

  9. Congress can override the XL pipeline veto. They can disband the FCC and they can disband the ATF. So why don’t they? WHO NEEDS ANY OF THEM??

  10. It’s very interesting how all of our views conflict on these issues. I have read many comments about Obama being a “communist”. The Republicans have been “dictators” for years and have never looked out for general America. They have and continue to do what’s in the best interest of big corporations and big corporations only. Many of you don’t think that Obama supporters “get it”, I can’t understand how you all don’t “get it”. In addition, our second amendment rights are not at risk, he has no intention of having you all turn in your guns. It’s about assault weapons and assault weapons only. They have one purpose and one purpose only; that is to kill large numbers of people.

    • The Marxist con man would love to remove the second amendment from America. It’s what every despot has done the world over right before the full onslaught on freedom. If you can’t see this as a distinct possibility you are not aware of history and are not one who understands the evil intent of some from the liberal left.

    • Well funny Paula , Obama is stock piling AR 15’S every branch of the Government is stockpiling ammo , what does the S.S. department and IRS need with hollow point ammo ? Enough ammo has been bought to shoot every American 5 times . What did you say a assault weapon is used for ? To kill large numbers of people guess what that means you too and honey gun owners can’t own assault weapons we can own semi auto’s big difference . He couldn’t ban the AR -15 so he’ll ban the ammo of the best and most popular gun in America … Do some research who put Obama into office big business like Comcast , MSLSD , Time Warner , and NBC who just benefited greatly by the government takeover of the net now they can become internet monopolies over us and charge and tax us more to use the net . What corporations does George Soros own ummm I dunno practically all of them !!!! Obama has spent most of is run in the WH making that man even richer so who are DEMS looking out for you ? Me ? Get real !

    • Paula,you are just another koolaid drinker,NO ONE has the right to take any of our guns! Who are you to say what assault rifles are good for,how did you or the liberals become our parents! We live in America and we have the right to own guns and ammo of our choice,He’ll start with the assualt rifles and then decide that we should’t own automatic pistols and so on! Take a look at your president and tell me with a straight face that he is not a dictator himself,but I’m sure you will see him thru your rose colored glasses! I’m truely sorry that you are so blinded by him!

  11. Getting very encouraged with these ‘money’ news outlets reporting how Democrats /Obama are destroying our Freedoms
    I do have one question for them, Where were you when? A little late.

  12. Just build the pipeline from the Bakken in ND to the refineries now, which does not need Obama’s approval because it would all be within the U.S. Then when he is gone, connect that line up with Canada because any subsequent President would most likely approve it.

  13. I do not live in the US and am no fan of private citizens having fire arms. You only have to look at all the shootings in schools in the US to know how stupid that is. But President Obama is fast becoming a dictator. He is a one man band and the sooner the US is shot of him (no joke intended) the better.

  14. Obama and Church Leaders PRAYED you’d never see this…
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