Obama Leaves US Taxpayers with Highest Welfare Spending Ever

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Chart of the Day: Entitlements Will Soon Exceed Total Federal Revenues

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8 thoughts on “Obama Leaves US Taxpayers with Highest Welfare Spending Ever

  1. After 8yrs. of the Bushjr./Cheney success in Employment along with it’s associated Economic Benefits. Who could of imagined Obama wouldn’t be able to reverse that success? It’s ALL his fault, yah right!

  2. CORRECTION!!! Social Security IS NOT an entitlement program!!! That said, once we get rid of the illegal aliens, the cost will go down because many are receiving those funds
    P.S. Every American should visit their local Social Security office!!!! The language heard least is English! Did you know that once a refugee lands on our soil, they automatically are entitled to Soc Sec benefits! How did that happen? Who said that was okay?

  3. Welfare for all the black women with 8 different kids by 8 different fathers. This way they get more welfare. One kid, okay, get welfare. More than one, no more welfare. Keep your legs closed for a change. And of course welfare for his friends the illegals. Benefits were taken from American citizens Medicaid recipients, but NOTHING was taken away for the illegals. And welfare for all the Syrian refugees. One terrorist was found hiding among the refugees and sh_t for brains Obamapanzee let thousands more in regardless, and the bastard snuck them in after the heat died down. NOTHING was taken from the refugees. Glad Obamapanzee is gone. Good riddance to this cop killing anti-American pos. Hopefully this pos will get run over by a big garbage truck and then his funeral would be held at the city dump, where he belongs. They don’t even need a coffin, just toss his body out with the rest of the garbage.

  4. I agree SS isnt the problem, never have been, but the pressure of what I define as Extra regarding where the SS is been used this days have expanded to be also about Refuges, and so on, to Mexicans, that alone, with no backing, since its not an asset but and expense, investing in your own people always pays, but to keep an massive number of “illegals” with the same system and pay/benefits should never have been there.
    if anyone comes by legal means, works and then gets problems as we all have from time to time, then I have no problems with them, nada, but this exes flow is what have skyrocketed the expenses for it thru decades.
    Like right now, housing prices in Norway capital is skyrocketing, everything, even outdoor shit-houses, where our Gov, is buying most of it, and private moguls the rest, and then rent it to our Gov, and this have made rent prices in Oslo to insane heights.
    Its mindbogglingly expensive, and to students, well, after 100 years they still dont have cheep housing, that little there is goes to everybody NOT Norwegian and then the student loan goes to kingdom comes.
    Its an f….. crime.
    pimped by our “right winged” scums and the MSM yells hallelujah, since someone makes an truck load of money on this scam and they are f….. “heroes”.
    I dont understand the shit storm, when much of it goes to housing witch by all means are private investor’s and so on.
    Hypocrisy, Trump.
    Do the math, and then come back.
    And I to find it to be an problem, when people can have 8 children and gets benefits for it, like giving children care money as in Norway to millionears, yeah, people whom dont have economic issues, feeds upon SS benefits they to.
    But SS is never an waist of money, but can be regulated with more sanity, that we can agree upon.

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