Obama signs executive order, bypasses Congress, and legalizes all BLM land grabs.

This is a short video, but a most important one for land owners.
Obama is to sign an executive order, bypass Congress, and do a massive BLM land grab.
Republican Congressman of Utah says he has the BLM documents to prove it. They were initially leaked, and he says there are more coming.
This is an up-to-date video (February 8, 2016), and I consider it to be a clear and present danger.
I see the phrase “it has begun” on here all the time, and I will repeat it now…”it has begun”!

Nevertheless, the Obama administration’s aggressive use of executive orders to unconstitutionally bypass Congress and enact its own “environmental” regulations indicates that we can expect an intensification of the adversarial attitude by federal agencies toward ranchers, farmers, and rural property owners. The EPA’s new “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) interpretation, all by itself, guarantees collisions between federal authorities and property owners. According to Obama’s EPA, even dry land miles from any “navigable waters” is still subject to EPA’s arbitrary and capricious jurisdiction because the rainwater that sinks into the ground is somehow connected to navigable waters. This virtually guarantees an escalation of tensions and a certainty of more confrontations that could turn violent.


In yet another turn of events indicative of Obama’s tactics, the Commander-in-Chief has stooped to issuing yet another Executive Order in order to bypass Congress. The order, as so many before it, was in no way a change to the executive branch as it ultimately legalized the BLM’s authority to snatch private land.
A press release recently disclosed by U.S. Congressman Rob Bishop shows that he was able to find 14 missing pages from an internal Department of Interior (DOI) that had miraculously disappeared. Those pages revealed the slithering snake that Obama truly is and the lows he’s willing to stoop to get his way.