HERE WE GO! Lexington Massachusetts Now Faces Semi-Automatic Gun Confiscation!

“They are now advocating for the government to seize legally owned firearms from the town’s residents.
The town of Lexington utilizes an annual town meeting to set policy, bylaws and approve things like the town budget. The residents do not vote directly; instead they have approximately 200 “town meeting members” who vote in representation of their constituents.
One such town meeting member, a Harvard professor named Robert Rotberg has taken it upon himself to enact, what he hopes will be “a movement against assault weapons that would capture the state and therefore maybe explode to reach the country.”
He has seized upon the recent ban enacted in Highland Park, IL, and has modeled his own ban, almost copying the language verbatim. Filing it to the town meeting warrant as Article 34.”
“Town of Lexington Voting To Ban Commonly Owned Firearms & Magazines
The town of Lexington will vote on Article 34 at town meeting beginning on March 21, 2016.”
Ironically, this is where the 1st revolutionary war started.