OBAMA Uses The RED PHONE To Warn Putin Of "Armed Conflict" If Hacking Continues!

by Amna El Tawil
Let’s face it, Barack Obama didn’t want Donald Trump to win the election this year. He made fun of him on a number of occasions with his Hollywood buddies, tried to discredit the incoming president whenever he could, and never tried to hide the fact he simply hates the guy. Since it’s impossible to blame Hillary Clinton for her own loss, like it’s illegal or something, her supporters including Obama decided to blame it all on Russia. It became fashionable nowadays. That’s why they accused Russian hackers of performing cyber attacks and changing the outcome of elections. They went so far to suggest that Putin himself ordered it all.
The NBC News found that Obama practically threatened with armed conflict when he spoke to the president of Russia regarding the attacks. With determination to end Russian interference in the course of the presidential campaign, at least one of Obama’s senior advisers urged him to make the threat to Putin: “Mess with the vote and we will consider it an act of war.”

That said, Obama decided not to go through with that when he spoke to Putin about the hacking during a September meeting at the G-20 summit in China. He didn’t want to worsen the relationship between the two countries that was far from ideal. Instead, Obama used less specific language to warn Russian president of potential consequences that could occur if Russia started hacking emails again. It’s safe to say that Putin probably thought Obama was very funny and didn’t think of him seriously, so the release of hacked Democratic emails continued.
Just one month later, the United States used the latest incarnation of an old Cold War communications system — the so-called “Red Phone” that connects Moscow to Washington. The primary goal of this act was to, once again, warn Putin of consequences that could occur if Russia intervened in election results as well. But, this time, Obama didn’t refrain from mentioning “armed conflict”.
Part of a message sent over the Red Phone on October 31, said: “International law, including the law of armed conflict, applies to actions in cyberspace. We will hold Russia to those standards.”
The Obama administration had never used the Red Phone before which only shows how serious the situation had become.
The White House official has confirmed that Red Phone was, indeed, used but declined to provide any detail about it with words: “This action was part of our ongoing, rigorous efforts to press the Russian government to halt the actions of those responsible for these cyber attacks.”

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6 thoughts on “OBAMA Uses The RED PHONE To Warn Putin Of "Armed Conflict" If Hacking Continues!”

  1. Numbskull O want’s a world war so he can stay in office. He has lost touch with reality just like Hitler did after the Russians froze his soldiers into ice statues.

  2. I would pay to see Obama the (ostrich) tangle with Putin the (pit bull). Do you know ostriches can run as fast as 40mph? Barry would be doing 50 while still weaving side to side.

  3. Russians and Israelis enjoy visa free travel. Any Russian 25% or more of jew blood gets an Israeli passport just as Boris Berezovsky did. Hackers from Moscow board an ???????? flight to Tel Aviv and head for Ariel to stock up in Stuxnet viruses and assorted hacking hardware. From there they take El Al for New York.

  4. See this is what you get when you “elect” someone completely unqualified for anything solely on the basis of race and progressive tendencies. The libtards would blame Bush for us being nuked even now, denying their POS POTUS kicked off the coming nuke war because of his dangerous and exceedingly narcissistic obsession with his own warped reality.
    Im glad Putin has some common sense and restraint, but if our POS POTUS does do something stupid, I hope Putin evaporates a a 10 mile crater around Obamas ground zero. We can bury the libtards in the open hole Putin gives us. I hope he can hold it together until Jan 20, but if he can’t I hope he can neutralize the muslim scumbag and his cronies in the first strike of a needless war that Obama created.


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