Obamacare costs To Americans 3 Trillion Plus

Retail US sales near 5 trillion a year.
Total Retail Sales in North America, by Country, 2014-2018
Obamacare costs and penalties are 60% of that or over 3 trillion.

The retail sector has been stagnant and most people are blaming AMAZON. A closer look is really required rather than the typical superficial analysis. Today, online sales represent only 8.5% of total retail sales. Amazon comes in at $80 billion in sales, but this merely amounts to just 1.5% of total U.S. retail sales, since 2016 total retail sales were around $5.5 trillion while healthcare costs to the public is now $3.3 trillion or 60% of total retail sales that is the core of the economy. What John McCain did to kill the repeal of Obamacare is devastating to the economy. The Democrats refuse to review what they have done and cannot see past their ego that Obamacare is destroy the economy.
The health-care inflation is the greatest rising cost to everyone and the proliferation of high-deductible plans has devastated Millennials. Some are paying $300 a month yet have $3,000 deductibles. In effect, the cost of health-care has been one huge fraud that is enriching the insurance companies who are major contributors to the Democrats. Obamacare has drastically increased consumer direct health-care costs and further chipped away at discretionary dollars far more than AMAZON. Health-care spending in the U.S. is $3.3 trillion, and even a 3% rise in costs would be close to $100 billion. With total retail sales at $5.5 trillion, heath-care now consumes 60% of retail sales and it is retail sales that are the backbone of the US economy that is holding up the entire world economy. What John McCain has done is far worse than anyone in the media is even contemplating.
Yet Obama blames Amazon for ruining the economy:
“Obama: Amazon is ‘killing traditional retail,’ and ‘relentless’ automation is the real threat to jobs”
But Amazon sales in 2016 are a mere 136 Billion.
If Obamacare were flushed down the toilet, some 3 trillion dollars would become disposable income.
To buy homes, cars, pay bills, invest, save etc.
This is why Senator McCain said “let’s see Donald make America great now!” when he voted for Obamacare.

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2 thoughts on “Obamacare costs To Americans 3 Trillion Plus

  1. So in other words: Our Providers are OVERCHARGING US! When the CEO’s are making 100/1000$ x’s $ what they pay Doctors, Staff or Patients earn. Then there can be NO OTHER CONCLUSION! Hate the Game Not the Players!
    I know it’s easier to blame the Black Guy. Sad!

  2. McCain and Kerry are Traitors who left over 500 POWs in Vietnam when they issued the findings of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIAs. Never Forget
    No health care plan will work when the average American has almost 10 Grand a year spent on him and a family of 4 only makes 40 grand! Stop ALL lawsuits at a minimum and speed up receiving SSI!

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