Ohio Governor Announces Lottery Sweepstakes for the Vaccinated!

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By Chris Black

Many will get vaxxed, many will have strange menstruation, few will win.


We are entering a new phase in the covid extravaganza, as Ohio governor Mike DeWine just announced lottery sweepstakes for the vaxxed. This is not a joke the joke’s on us.

Basically, if you’re a good goy and you get your mystery mRNA shot, you’ll enter into a lottery system in which you can win a ton of money. In all truth, Mike should change his name into BIG BUCKS DeWine!

What can I say? Are you not entertained?

Five of you lucky devils living in Ohio are eligible to win one million bucks each! Just think of how much bitcoin you could buy with that kind of money! All you have to do is sell your soul and serve the beast. Get ready for living the life in the fast lane baby!

Life has never been greater in the US of A. We just hit big time with DeWine. But wait, the good news keep on rolling! Mike has something else for you: a scholarship to 12-17 year olds who get vaxxed!

Way to go diamond hands Mike!

Okay, you may ask, but Chris, why do 12 year olds need to get vaccinated with mystery substances when they have literally zero risk of dying from covid? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind: 


Obviously, inquisitive minds may argue: but Chris, grandma has already been vaxxed. See goy, maybe grandma got her shots, but the vaccine doesn’t work 100 percent. You can still get the virus if you’re vaxxed, and that’s why we have to make everyone take the vaccine, even if you have zero risk from virus.

 Where one goes, we go all. Trust the plan. Otherwise, octogenarians may die. 

Diamond hands Mike’s gonna do it!

Now, on a more serious note, it looks like the powers that be are going to ease the restrictions for the summer season. As in, you’ll be allowed to ambulate around unmasked, the bars will be open, life will resume somewhat normally etc.

We all know that covid is basically the flu rebranded, and it’s hard to keep the hype during summer, when the flu is virtually non-existent. But then we’ll go back into the fall and people will get the flu again. And here we go again, with hospitals filled with people sick of the flu, and there’s a new strain, and oh boy, you gotta get the vax, then we roll the vaccine passports and everybody will be in lockstep with the WEF/NOW agenda.

For your own psychological health: enjoy the summer break, but remember that this is all coming back after a few months, and that it is going to come back a whole lot worse.

This is power that the population gave them that they are never going to give up.


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