OMG – RUSSIA Has Unleashed a Bomb On Syrian Rebels Even More Powerful That The MOAB!

by Pamela Williams

This is unbelievable.  Russia has dropped a bomb on the Syrian rebels even more powerful that the US MOAB BOMB.
The below picture pretty well describes it:

This picture was taken from:
A recent report claimed that President Putin had been working on a ‘secret bomb’ that was four times as powerful as the weapon the US used to attack ISIS in an Afghan hideaway, and carries 44 tonnes of TNT. However, it’s not known if it was this bomb used in these recent airstrikes.
Russia has faced a lot of criticism over the large number of civilian casualties following its bombing of Syria. Amnesty International has accused Putin of Syrian allies of purposely targeting medical facilities when sending airstrikes to rebel-held areas.
This is just what we need right now.  This looks absolutely beyond any blast we have ever seen.  The poor people of the planet are being bombarded by the powerful governments in war games…who has the biggest bomb….so sad.  I guess Putin is showing the United States his bombs are bigger.  I just wonder how many innocent people were killed.
Last week, Putin risked pissing off President Donald Trump after dropping a number of cluster bombs on Syria.
Huge fireballs, which lit up the sky, were caught on camera over the rebel-held cities of Latamneh and Saraqeb.
The bombing took place just a few miles from Khan Sheikhoun, where an earlier sarin chemical attack prompted Trump to carry out a number of airstrikes against the Assad regime.