On web and streets, Covid protests get nasty… Omicron raises vax questions year after first PFIZER shot… Strain provides ANOTHER excuse for govt meddling…

On the web and on the streets, Covid protests get nasty

Berlin (AFP) – A call is out on Telegram for people opposing Covid restrictions to share private addresses of German “local MPs, politicians and other personalities” who they believe are “seeking to destroy” them through pandemic curbs.

Those on the list should no longer be allowed to “live a carefree life,” wrote the group called “Coronavirus-Information” in the message that was put online late November.

Since then it has been viewed by 25,000 people.

On Friday evening, a group of corona-sceptics armed with flaming torches massed outside the house of Petra Koepping, the health minister of Saxony state.


Omicron Raises Vaccine Questions a Year After First Pfizer Shot

Keenan became the first person in the world to receive Pfizer Inc.’s Covid vaccine outside a clinical trial. It was a turning point in the pandemic, raising hopes that there was a path out of the crisis, along with questions about how well the rapidly-created shots would perform.

Now, after 8 billion doses, the impact is clear. The vaccines — not just from Pfizer but also Moderna Inc., AstraZeneca Plc, Johnson & Johnson and others — have slashed hospitalizations and deaths in countries where they’ve been rolled out widely. In Europe alone, research shows they’ve saved about half a million lives among people age 60 and over.


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The omicron variant is another excuse for government meddling

President Joe Biden announced a series of COVID-19 protocols on Thursday to combat the new omicron variant. The protocols will do little to promote health, but that’s not their intent anyway. Instead, these regulations condition Americans to tolerate continued governmental intrusions in our lives as they chip away at our freedoms on the false promise of safety.

Biden had banned travel from South Africa, where the omicron variant was first detected, and seven other southern African countries (remember when such bans were racist?) prior to the measures announced Thursday. The newly announced requirements include extending the federal mask mandate on public transport, including airplanes, until mid-March and requiring international travelers to the United States, including vaccinated U.S. citizens, to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken a day before departure.


The panel advising the Health Ministry on the corona pandemic will discuss the possibility of giving a fourth vaccine to immunocompromised patients, The Jerusalem Post confirmed on Sunday.
In previous months, several studies showed that certain categories of patients with a weakened immune system, such as transplant recipients, were much less likely to develop antibodies after two doses than the general population.
While research showed that the booster generally improved the situation, this was not true for all immunosuppressed individuals.


U.S. court temporarily halts Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors nationwide

  • The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia told the Biden administration to halt enforcement “in all covered contracts in any state or territory of the United States of America.”
  • The court said President Joe Biden likely exceeded his authority under the Procurement Act when he issued the mandate.
  • The requirements cover millions of workers across the U.S. economy.





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