One Step Closer To World War: US Forces Kill Russian Troops

by Daniel Carter
If you don’t know about the disastrous situation in Syria by now, you’re missing out on one of the most serious foreign policy developments of our time. It’s no secret that the US government has gone to great lengths militarily to keep its empire alive. In the 21st century alone, the US has assisted in the overthrow of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. Now, they are currently in the process of overthrowing several more countries in the Middle East and Africa, including Syria. This is all an attempt to keep their economic hegemony alive through the petrodollar system.
In recent years, Syrian leadership has pushed back against the US invasion by acquiring the help of the Russian military. Russia’s help has turned what should have been an easy overthrow into a complex, high-stakes military showdown between Russia and the United States. To combat Russian interference in their plan, the US has turned its citizens against Russia with nonstop anti-Russia propaganda. This propaganda will make it easier to gain support for a war against Russia in the near future. For a more succinct version of where we are now and how we got here, check out this tweet by journalist Caitlin Johnstone:

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Whenever tensions seem to be cooling down in Syria, the United States is there to dial the tension back up. With Syria and Russia making progress against ISIS and other rebel groups in the west, and US special forces and the US-backed coalition establishing themselves in the east, Syria has now essentially been cut in two halves. Based on what I thought the goals of the US were at the time, I predicted the halving of Syria in July of last year.
Below is an image of a war map of Syria, with US-backed forces in yellow and Syrian and Russian forces in red.

With ISIS and other groups now out of the way, the US and Russia are staring at each other from across the Euphrates River. If the US wants to continue its plan to overthrow the Syrian government, they have no other choice but to engage in war with Russian forces. Judging by recent developments, it looks like the US intends to do exactly that.
US-backed forces are now directly targeting Syrian government forces and, more importantly, Russian forces. Last week, the US coalition downed a Russian fighter jet and killed the pilot (video below). Also last week, the US coalition led an attack that killed over 100 fighters in Syria. Today it was discovered that two of the fighters were Russian.

200 Russian mercenaries in Syria. As far as I know, this is the first time that the US military (not the US coalition) has killed Russian fighters. Force is often met with more force. The Russians may soon be willing to respond to these attacks.
The situation in Syria is escalating very quickly. Even though a nuclear armed behemoth stands in their way, the US seems unwilling to curb its aggression. If tensions keep escalating – and I suspect they will – we could find ourselves at the beginning of a new world war soon. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this incredibly important situation to bring you the latest news; unfiltered by mainstream propaganda.


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