Opinion: Russia was legally and morally REQUIRED to disarm Ukraine

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Legally, Russia is a signatory to the Minsk Agreements which the Obama/Biden-installed Kiev Junta consistently violated leading to some 13,000 dead ethnic Russians in the Donbas over the course of 7 years. Russia had spent the last months of 2021, particularly December, trying one last chance to resolve it diplomatically and Team Neocon scuttled any chance of that happening.

Morally, Russia is acting in the best Christian tradition of the Just War Doctrine which says it is one’s duty to forcefully disarm an unjust aggressor when all other methods fail.

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Zelensky is living up to the Nazi-hype: like Hiter, he is hunkered down in a bunker, while he forces civilian young men of fighting age to take up arms and fight to the last man, under penalty of death enforced by Azov, Right Sektor and the other punitive squads. And the United States encourages and enables him to fight to the very last Ukrainian when instead we should be forcing him to negotiate a surrender and peace in the interests of avoiding further civilian deaths.

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Americans should recall that FDR provoked Japan into the attack on Pearl Harbor by applying sanctions that closed the country’s access to supplies of scrap metal, aviation fuel, other forms of petroleum, and militarily vital metal ores. FDR also froze Japan’s U.S.-based assets. History repeats in the form of the anti-Russian sanctions which are in fact a declaration of war on the entirety of the Russian people as opposed to Russia’s operation in Ukraine which is taking every precaution to avoid damage to Ukrainian non-combatants.

I hate to say it but I believe that Russia is now resigned to a hot war with NATO/US due to the West’s decision to increase military aid to Zelensky and the unprecedented sanctions on everything Russian. Although the West has a superior conventional force, Russia currently has the advantage in missile tech and nuclear force. Russian S-500’s and hypersonic interceptors may have reached the point where they can successfully defend against NATO’s nuclear arsenal. If this is the case, then Russia might calculate that the time has come to preemptively strike the West with their superior nuclear force in order to end the superior NATO conventional threat. If the West loses key bases/assets to tactical nukes, and then sees their return salvo neutralized by the S-500’s, it may force NATO to come to their senses and end the conflict that they started by expanding NATO right up to Russia’s borders following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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