Opinion: VA Governor Northam’s Plays the Globalist Agenda

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by SP

What follows is supposition from a few data points, and some guesses on how things work.

1.  A great deal of money from Bloombergs National PAC was focused to swing several key states this last election.  Virginia has always been a red state due to the large numbers of rural counties.  Virginia turned blue for the first time in this last election lead by the metropolitan areas of Washington DC suburbs and Virginia Beach.  The governor and both branches of legislature are democratic controlled.

2.  Bloomberg’s major issue is the anti-gun platform.  He represents, IMHO, the Globalist faction that simply cannot lock down control of a population that remains armed.

3.  Despite being historically one of the most passionately pro-gun states in the country, radical gun restriction legislation was launched in Virginia.


I suspect that Northram was given the task by his globalist masters and funders, of taking the huge, high-risk, high reward gamble, of clearing this key state of weapons. (“We will put you into the governorship if you will clear the state of assault weapons and militias.”)  Virginia is to be the bold first step of clearing the country of weapons and “gun nuts.”

1.  He will either succeed, be proclaimed a master of strategy with excellent leadership skills, and offered a reward of some high office (the presidency perhaps, head of the CIA, a cabinet position or such).

2.  Or he will fail and go down in ignominy, his career in shambles, remembered as a fool who failed to judge the population correctly and who precipitated the civil war with his miscalculation.    The oligarchy takes care of the professional class that serves their goals.  He will retire wealthy regardless of the outcome.

3.  Or chaos will be unleashed and the globalists  will need to call in the military to “restore order” and suppress the “home grown terrorists” of rural Virginia.


Store food and water.  Can you endure a disruption of the system upon which you depend for sustenance?


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