For the first time since I invested into UBX I’m starting to worry…

by Tha_Dude_Abidez

I just got banned from the discord for trying to have a discussion about the fundamentals I posted here and what could be done to help. This worries me, ALOT. There was no dissinformation, no bashing, just trying to help:

I posted this:

It is not a scam but needs some issues addressed. I’m reposting this from a thread about the Reddit Account needing a facelift:

Yeah it definitely needs a facelift. I’m sure many that have bought in and support the project would free up some time to help with issues. I think the admins of the team should just come out and ask on Discord for volunteers to help the project with stuff like:

Big Three

  1. The Reddit Page
  2. The Twitter Page
  3. Broken Links on Website

and basically any and all social media. People would gladly polish up some of the broken English issues on LinkedIn etc. Also, whoever runs the Twitter needs a crash course on how to run a Twitter Page for a business and not make it seem like a scam coin. All the “mooning, blasting off” and verbiage like that scares the normal investor. It makes the coin and company seem to be a pump and dump which it is not.

The core team also needs not to make announcements in regards to a staking program etc. is finished. Do a beta mode and say that’s what they’re doing. Let everyone know and be transparent. Broken promises along with broken code is hurting us.

And lastly, there needs to be a statement put out to the community from the CEO explaining the issues. Letting everyone know what’s being done to fix the problems. Let the buyers and potential buyers know that they’ve indeed grown entirely too fast and we’re seeing the results come crash back down because of terrible growing pains.

The situation will improve but could so much quicker if they addressed the quickest problems first and asked the community for help. The success of the project benefits us just as much as them.

And I pointed out when you Google the headquarters it points to the Panama Papers, which it does. You can do it yourself by Googling the address UBX lists as contact info. This is the Google return for the headquarters:

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I’ve still got thousands invested in UBX and I’m not trying to say it’s a scam. I just said fix the shit that are making people uneasy. I’d imagine if it follows suit, this post could be removed and me banned. But if so, I’ll make sure to find a way to repost. Because it’s the truth. I don’t think UBX is a pump n dump, they’ve just put a bunch of people in charge because of fast growth. They’re making mistakes that someone that’s had years of experience wouldn’t make. That’s why everything is so messed up right now. UBX is legit, they’ve made mistakes in HR. You’ve hired the wrong people. Fix that and things will turn.

It’s very saddening because I’ve been hardcore pushing the project on here, /biz/, etc. I have alot of karma and 4 years or more worth of pretty good content posted. I don’t want to lose money and that’s what is going to happen if my advice, at least some of it, isn’t taken seriously.

I can’t help anymore other than here.

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