These high valuations are coming at a time when investors are heavily invested in stocks

via @valuewalk: “Corrections happen during growth-rate cycle slowdowns, they don’t require a recession.” – Lakshman Achuthan, Economic Cycle Research Institute

Last month, Chinese-owned Tencent invested heavily in Reddit. Now, they’re shadow-banning VPN users. This is a scary chapter in Reddit’s war on freedom.

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Is Fed Pumping Stocks To Keep Pensions Solvent? With pensions now 50% or more invested in stocks, it seems pretty obvious that one way to inflate away the looming pension catastrophe is for the Fed to inflate the stock market.

via investmentresearchdynamics: The pension crisis is inching closer by the day. @CalPERS just voted to increase the amount cities must pay to the agency. Cities point to possible insolvency if payments … Read more