“Our ignorance about guns is our strength.” The left is quite literally employing Orwellian “doublethink” brainwashing tactics straight out of the pages of 1984.

“My complete lack of knowledge about a subject should not invalidate my opinion on that subject.”

— The Left

MORONS, TO THE LEFT: Interviews With D.C. “March For Our Lives” Protesters

The video’s 42 minutes long, but you can just skip around — the same level of idiocy is maintained throughout.


“I don’t know anything about guns, I’ve never fired a gun, I never touched a gun, I didn’t know AR stands for ArmaLite Rifle, I can’t define what an ‘assault weapon’ or ‘assault rifle’ is, I never read the Bill of Rights, I don’t know the real reason why we need the 2nd amendment, I don’t ever think critically, I don’t ever do any research on issues I protest, I blindly believe whatever my friends, family, co-workers, classmates, teachers, and mainstream media tells me. But I want you to take me seriously and I want to take your guns.” -The Left

h/t D.S