Stormy Daniels Looked Stoned During “60 Minutes” Interview

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by Chris Black

Stormy Daniels enjoyed her (probably last) sixty minutes of fame on Sunday night, as she appeared in the “60 Minutes” show. During the interview, she dished juicy details about her alleged affair with Donald Trump from twelve  years years ago, in what has been described as an hour of bashing The Donald. So, what else is new you may ask? Needless to say, the left wing corporate media was delighted to publicly humiliate the President for consensual adultery that allegedly happened a decade ago, but that’s the sad state of affairs in 2018, when the biggest story of the day is a made-up  so called sex scandal nobody really cares about. It’s interesting to notice though that Sunday night’s “60 Minutes” show had the highest ratings in a decade, with over 22 million viewers, and that says a lot about the American public’s taste, or the lack there of.

Moving along with the story, if you watched the interview, the washed up porn star looked stoned, as she had unusually dilated pupils, and after the show was aired, various pundits on social media accused her of drug use, or being stoned or whatever. Here’s an example:

Here’s a Fox News reporter asking the same (legitimate if you ask me) question:

And then again:

And since a picture is worth 1000 words, here’s Mark Dice:

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The thing about pupils is that they tend to constrict during TV interviews, due to the bright lights used in these occasions.

Now if you ask me, the left is completely out of ideas if they’re pushing an aging porn star to claim she had sex with Trump (the definition of a rich playboy) 12 years ago, long before he even ran for President. Moreover, what does it tell you about “60 Minutes” interviewing a high as a kite porn star? This runs against the most basic professional ethics. To be honest, she seemed credible during the interview, and it is apparent that the media was mistaken in calling her a mistress, as a one night, single instance rendezvous is not a mistress by any definition. However, a money seeking porn star that will risk violating a non-disclosure agreement and a 130k payment with a possible result of losing 1 million bucks, aided by a Democrat professional liar mouthpiece must be sure of bigger bucks from other sources. I’ll let you guess who’s paying her to trash Trump.

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White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah responded to Stormy’s accusations on Monday, saying that the POTUS has consistently denied the porn star’s claims and, let me quote: “the only person who has been inconsistent is the one making the claims.” Raj Shah explained:  “My understanding is she’s signed some statements that conflict with what she said last night.”


Bottom line, when all is said and done, the left’s big sex-scandal is Trump having consensual sex with a whore twelve years ago, and let’s see if anyone cares except from a bunch of lawyers bound to make a ton of money from this extravaganza and, of course, Melania Trump who was his wife in 2006. Trump should just say: “Yeah, I did her, but I was a Democrat back then” and that would be it.  Consensual sex between adults is not a crime. Trump may be a philanderer, but he’s not a philandering rapist. He didn’t force her to do anything. Cue Maxine Waters’ cries of “peach foddyfive.


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