Overview of shortages worldwide…

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Mysterious blue crab shortage spawns big-time sticker shock

Montana growers navigating hay shortage during drought

Asphalt shortage impacts Colorado road construction as oil production slows

Plastic and paper cup shortage affecting local coffee shop

North Korea food shortage turns into new Asia humanitarian crisis

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Why there’s a shortage of almost everything

Now there’s a liquor shortage, too

There Won’t Be Enough Batteries to Fulfill the Industry’s EV Promises

The Gas Shortage That Could Bring Big Tech To Its Knees

‘It’s like Whack-a-Mole’: tractors and trucks chief bemoans supply shortages

Steel shortage curtails propane tank supplies

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The world has a plastics shortage

Widespread Commodity Shortages Raise Inflation Fears


Apple products iphones (sorry only in German)

Sports gear Puma (sorry, only in German)

Canada border officers vote to strike, warn of supply chain disruption


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