Owner Of Schoharie Limo That Killed 20 is Shahed Hussain a former FBI informant.

The owner Shahed Hussain of the limousine that crashed in Schoharie, killing 18 people on board and two pedestrians is a former #FBI informant who testified in two high-profile #terrorism cases, a state official confirmed Monday.




The latest here on the Schoharie crash:
-Limo failed inspections
-Driver did not have the “appropriate” license
-Limo owner under cease-and-desist from operating

From the CBS 6 archives: Owner of limo in deadly Schoharie crash, Malik Shahed Hussain (Prestige Limousine), was arrested for helping immigrants fraudulently obtain NYS drivers licenses, and later served as FBI informant in an Albany terror sting to get a reduced sentence



Owner of limousine company involved in horror crash is a former FBI informant who was paid $96,000 to go undercover to expose terror plots after fleeing to the US from Pakistan where he’d been accused of murder

In the last two years, the company has had at least four cars pulled out of service because they failed safety inspections.

Ford confirmed it didn’t make that limo so it was modified unofficially 


New York complaint against Hussain 


Hussain could not be reached for comment Monday.

The Prestige Limousine phone number listed with the FMCSA no longer is in service, and there was no answer at the motel or at two other limousine companies associated with Hussain.



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