PA Mom Starts ‘Keeping Kids in School PAC’ to Take Local School Boards From Unions

A Pennsylvania mom is organizing local communities to retake their school boards from teachers’ unions who have blocked kids from returning to school for over a year.

Clarice Schillinger started the Keeping Kids in School PAC to recruit candidates and give families information about who “will put students first not the union first.”

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“There really is zero voice at the table for our children,” Schillinger told War Room, Wednesday.

The organization began last August, after Schillinger noticed Pennsylvania was seeing less covid cases, but kids were still not being put back in the classroom.

“This sounds really political what was going on here,” Schilinger said.

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The PAC has endorsed 90 candidates for local school board races so far. The goal is to fill as many school board seats as possible in this years’s elections with candidates who will not cower to teachers’ unions.


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