Palladium Investors Must Be Cautious

Lobo Tiggre interviewed on Palisade Radio

Lobo joins us to discuss the current state of palladium, uranium, and the precious metals. Palladium’s primary role is not as a precious metal, but one of industrial use and automobile production may be in the increase in China. Uranium continues to set a stage for a bull market slowly. Investors should watch for The Commerce Department’s report on uranium production and imports. Their recommendations could require a minimum amount of domestic uranium production. Investors have once again begun to see gold as a safe-haven asset and not just another commodity. Lobo says, “This is a healthy sign for a bull market in gold.”

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Time Stamp References:
0:45 – Palladium overview and pullback.
2:50 – Silvery metal review.
5:45 – Uranium market and reactors.
8:30 – Secondary supply with uranium.
11:30 – Commerce dept and uranium
12:50 – Precious metal markets
15:10 – Will 2019 be happy or gloomy.
17:00 – Battery metals and new energy.

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