Paris Is In Total Chaos, Looks Like A War Zone. Still Think Trump Is Overreacting When He Calls For A Ban On Radical Islamists?

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MARINE Le Pen has lambasted President Hollande and a union of Judges for tolerating the Paris protests in response to the police rape of a young black male. The Front National leader said the Government has been quick to “rush to the bedside of the very few victims of police violence without even waiting for… justice” – but are unable to quash the risk of a on the streets of Paris. In a ruthless rant, Le Pen wrote: “In a state of emergency, it is completely irresponsible to let a protest against the police and alleged policeThis government has remained unresponsive for years to scoundrels who make their laws in certain districts and do not hesitate to unleash their violence as soon as a demonstration gives them the opportunity.
“Is it necessary to say that the magistrates need a strong and effective police force in order to do their work?
“Must we remind them that this same police force, as well as the gendarmerie, now needs to be permanently changed?” take place. Paris France French “Paris France” People Humanity 2017 2018 Peace Police Prepare Survival News “Breaking News” Media Trends Trending Trendy Video “Video Footage” “we the people” immigration immigrants europe “european union” euro money cash society power control leader leadership elite “elite nwo agenda” The presidential hopeful claimed the French Magistrates Union is supposed to provide lessons of morality to countries across the world, but their inability to condemn the protests means their union essentially “despises forces of order”.
In a direct attack to her Hollande, she claimed the French president’s “calls for social peace” were made only to “make the French believe that the situation is under control”. Yesterday, 13 people were arrested along the fringes of Paris as more clashes broke out on Saturday and at least 250 people were arrested amid the nightly protests.
Dominque Sopo, the head of the Racisme, told the Telegraph: “What happened to Théo isn’t an isolated case. It’s a structural problem of police that France must have the maturity to tackle.” A new poll published on February 17 found that Le Pen is continuing to increase her lead and is expected to snatch 26 per cent of the first round of voting.
Emmanuel Macron and Francois Fillon are set to tie with 20 per cent of the vote each, according to the poll by PrésiTrack OpinionWay / ORPI for Les Echos and Radio Classique. Armed officers have taken to the streets in their hundreds and were forced to fire live rounds of bullets and used tear gas to disperse the rioters.
Chaos erupted after it emerged police anally raped a young black man named Theo with a baton. Hundreds of cars have been torched, shops and banks smashed up, and even a disability vehicle was destroyed. A coach full of tourists from South Korea was targeted in northern Paris on Tuesday while a neighbourhood close to one of the busiest train stations in the city Gare Du Nord which houses the Eurostar train network was also hit.


7 thoughts on “Paris Is In Total Chaos, Looks Like A War Zone. Still Think Trump Is Overreacting When He Calls For A Ban On Radical Islamists?”

  1. The EU has been at war for many years now. Terrorism and migrant rapes muted by the EU’s government, given this terror and war are on their own populations, couched in apologist policies just made their enemies emboldened. This strategy is something similar to what Oba…Barry considered, declaring a national emergency and putting the elections off for an indefinite period of time. Barry lost that debate with the deep state in the US.
    France has a long history of just killing politicians they don’t like. For some reason this time, they know Le Pen will win, just like Soros knew and publicly stated Trump had landslide votes, so maybe France will go for the postponement of their elections because Le Pen for whatever reason can’t just be assassinated.
    Interesting to watch actually. Where is Hollande hiding? I know the little gnome is a little man, but I hear nothing bad about him in the world fake stream media. Why is that, while Paris burns?
    If anyone thinks this is about the ME, you should group up with feminists that also think everything is about them…oh wait, you guys already did! Good luck with that. Sometimes, a spade is just a spade, mofo.

  2. Would you call the muslim Canadian MP who is calling for a ban on islamophobia a radical muslim? The door is being opened for sharia to creep into Canada. Even nonradical or disguised radicals are ushers towards the slippery slope.

  3. ALL Muslimes – radicalized or not – need to be banned from the United States. They’re just not compatible with the American way of life. We have enough problems already.

  4. OBVIOUSLY there’s disaster afoot! But…WHO is it REALLY being encouraged and inspired by??? AND! WHY are the LEADERS sitting on their arses instead of getting busy creating viable responses, #1] Moving LARGE CONTINGENCIES OF RIOT POLICE into the area with “shot to kill” orders, IF the fools attack the RIOT POLICE!?! #2] WHY are the LEADERS not bringing WHAT FORCE is necessary to quell the rioters…especially those assaulting & destroying!!! #3] Why do the FRENCH citizens simply tolerate such in their neighborhoods!?! THEY NEED to TAKE BACK their neighborhoods!!!
    The SIMPLEST and MOST COMMON SENSE reality is that EITHER the LEADERS WANT these riots, OR tolerate them for some skewered reasoning which it’s HARD, (if not impossible) to fathom!!!)…
    FRANCE is LITERALLY under assault & NEEDS to ATTACK these devil worshipers! GOD DAMN the fools who allowed them IN!!!
    When these kinds of riotous activities and assaults occur, it’s TIME to wipe up the STREETS! DISINFECT the City of the roaches & slim balls! ELIMINATE THE THUGS AND GANGSTERS!!! By WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY…GET RID OF THEM!!!


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