Paris then and now… or the reality of multicultural genocide

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Paris as it once was…a nice city to spend a exciting weekend with your girl friend…

Paris in the age of multiculturalism…

le jeux sont fait…many western areas and capitals have fallen and sold out to foreign cultures. the damage is already far beyond repair. The change came sneaky but steady and suddenly locals awoke with the odd feeling to be stranger in their own country.
Rothschild boy Macron just mentioned that there’s no such thing like French culture. he seems to enjoy the bliss of multicultaralism and the fact of immigrants bringing their shit-hole mentality into Paris as a kind of “souvenir” from Nigeria..
However..if you’re into Snake Plissken kind of stuff you may be able to soon book special weekend trips into these shitholes in the sense of a survival-game adventure…fighting your way out of the city.
However be shure you leave your girlfriend back home and save…
le jeux sont fait…its already to late. no way whatsoever to turn back time. the invaders are going to breed like rabbits. In just 2 generations from now most EU capitals are going to have lost everything what made them once a great place to visit for a exciting weekend with your girlfriend…

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13 thoughts on “Paris then and now… or the reality of multicultural genocide

  1. only in eastern europe has the tide been held against this ‘ third world mindset ‘ infestation and cultural genocide ……. even in my country it is happening ( u.s.a. ) what are our leaders thinking ?

      • Probably the Western Civilization tribe. The one and only tribe to have brought the world most all the great things it enjoys today. But seems many would like to world to be more ‘inclusive’ so they want to import 3rd world ideals. Immigrants are welcomed as long as they assimilate the culture they are joining.

        • The tribe that has started 88% of the wars in the last 220 years ? The only tribe to nuke cities ? Those bAstards? Did your pasty-faced ancestors “assimilate the culture ” ?

  2. All of this was predicted before, during, and after the French Revolution. The rise of absolute liberalism and pure secularism is the equivalent of committing group suicide. It’s hard to feel sorry for France or any nation in the West when it was all so predictable.

  3. Two generations? I hope I’m alive to witness the self-destruction of white trash world. BTW, I’m white . . . and a victim of the white trash overlord pigs.

  4. Now that the gypsies left Budapest for welfare checks in France and Germany…. Budapest is the new Paris. GORGEOUS
    no niggers… sand or otherwise — looks like Cherry Creek Denver — pony tails and cargo shorts…. lovely and WHITE

  5. The French people have really been taken advantage of and they’re not doing anything about it!!! They need to vote out that idiot that they elected and get someone in the office who can rid their beautiful country of all those invaders!!!!

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