Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth about Migrants Rebel Staff

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by Thinker

The citizens of yet another country are loudly objecting to the intake of Muslim “refugees.” Who are these Nazi white supremacists this time? Well, they’re… South Koreans, as Paul Joseph Watson sarcastically explains:…t_migrants

Immigration Scam controllers nwo illuminati freemasons

These people have no country or loyalty other than to the Judaeo-Masonic Messianic world empire of slavery and control of the goyim. Gentile Freemasons are the worst offenders however as there are many more of them then there are Jews and they follow the Talmudic/Kabbalistic creed thus destroying both themselves and everyone else not in the club. You can see time and time again the hand and body signs of these idiots in the press and media, who think they are so clever to be in the know, not knowing that they are but dancing monkeys to their unknown leaders to be used and disposed of upon demand.

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Know them!

Know their history!

Know what they could have done and didn’t for the people of their communities and country.


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