Trey Gowdy REVEALS Hillary’s Nightmare & Roads Leading Back to Chicago & Obama!

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by Thinker

Trey Gowdy putting himself out there for the people just like U. S. President Trump, in search of the truth. While the deep state pedophiles and thieves are separating themselves from their honorable members by bashing the sitting president for everything he does. It isn’t about parties at all, but about good and evil! About those who would lie, steal, and kill for wealth and power. A nation divided between the light and the dark that has turned into a war of the worlds. Those that walk in the light and in the dark who speak out are showing their content of character. United we stand, divided we fall, who is standing proud and tall?

Trump’s, Truther’s, Trey Gowdy!

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Deep State News Telling Lies About President To Create Changes in Law? What did Trump say? You be the judge and then decide who is lying to you about his words. What news is printing lies? You need to know!

Trump on Putin summit: We came to a lot of good conclusions

On ‘Hannity,’ President Trump takes Americans inside his meeting with the Russian president. The president says he and Putin are getting very close on Syria and discussed the threat of ISIS.

Flashback July 2016 – Donald Trump: 50 supporters explain why they love him – BBC News

What motivates Trump supporters? The BBC has been asking them for a year now. Here’s what they told us. A president who wasn’t a politician.

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THREE DAYS AGO & TRUTH TRUMP HATERS DON’T WANT TO HEAR – Bruce: Americans know Trump loves the US

It isn’t the American people that have a problem with Trump, but those who don’t want the American people or their coworkers to know what they’ve done to disgrace the department and the reckless endangerment to the security of the United States. Trump wants transparency and is giving it, and those who always promised it and didn’t don’t like it. It’s time for what Trump wanted and that is to “Make America Great Again” for the people. Radio host and columnist Tammy Bruce on the over-the-top reaction of the mainstream


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