Will the Trail of Bodies Ever Grow Large Enough to Make Hillary President?

by Thinker

I recently appeared on a radio show in which I received some criticism when I stated that the Clinton’s have a trail of bodies that have followed them at every turn of their political lives. Of course, no American politician would be involved in something so nefarious as to “kill off” all of the witnesses that could have ended Bill and Hillary’s political career, not to mention would threaten their actual freedom.

In the interview, I was referencing the latest murders in which a New Jersey couple had their house blown up the day before John and Carole Paladino were slated to testify before a grand jury as part of an investigation against Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Their murders occured one day before the scheduled Grand Jury testimony. This is similar to what has happened to several key witnesses about the Clintons stealing of $2 billion of UN relief money for Haiti. This is the mindset of someone who will not hesitate to start WW III and put dissenters into FEMA camps.
The Democratic Party Has Gone Totally Rogue

With the past 10 days, Representative “Mad” Maxine Waters has advocated for violence against Trump administration officials. Steve Cohen, Democratic Congressman from Tennessee, called for a military couple to be launched against Trump. How these two are not in jail for their statements, is beyond me. However, their rhetoric represents the new Democratic Party. The ultra-liberal Senator from California, Dianne Feinstein, is going to be defeated by Kevin De Leon, an ultra communist who presently serves in the State Assembly of California. Feinstein is being cast as too conservative. However, in the public’s eye, the party has become to radical to win many local elections, much less the Presidency. Even the New York Times has even called for the Democratic Party to take a step back and tone it down.

Reenter Hillary Clinton. She has restarted her Political Action Pac. She is absolutely going to run in 2020. Clinton has never advocated for the complete taking over of every small business in America by the government. She has not advocated for taking over ICE and occupying airports. Yet, one of the new faces of the Democratic Party includes. Hillary, by comparison to the new Democratic Party is mainstream.

This article looks at the:

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Hillary was not only corrupt, but through her corruption, she has also catapulted the Islamists to a level beyond return. Even Hillary Clinton’s camp is swinging back at what has become a deluge of reports detailing perceived conflicts of interest and a lack of transparency about her family foundation’s acceptance of foreign cash.

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