PayPal has the worst customer services and disputes process imaginable!

by AmonistlinUYA​

TL;DR I have bought 10 different items from a seller using PayPal’s goods and services. Only received 6 damaged items that are in terrible condition. Even though I returned those 6 items, my case is closed in favor of the seller after almost 2 months because of the incompetent people at PayPal.

More than three months ago, I have bought 10 different items by using PayPal’s goods and services. Initially, seller provided me with the pictures of eight items, and couple days later I asked him to provide pictures of the other 2 items. Well, as you might expect he told me someone stole most of his inventory from his garage, and he does not have those 2 items anymore. Here is the fist Red Flag. He said he will send a partial refund to me for those two items. I said okay. Eventually after 2 weeks, he still did not even ship the other 8 items. I got sad, and told him I don’t like what is going on anymore, and I would like to cancel this transaction. He started telling me he is on his way to UPS and about the drop the packages off. He was telling me how much time he and his family spent packing these items. I said okay, just send it and make sure all the items are in perfect condition.

Couple days later, I have received three different packages. And, somehow there were only 6 items in those. Obviously, he did not send two of the most expensive items. The items were in such a terrible condition, and I honestly lost my mind. Funnily, he told me that his friends packaged these items and all of these are because of him. As you can expect, everything that he is telling me is contradictory. Got mad and told the seller to provide me with return shipping labels which he did. He sent me three different shipping labels. Using those labels, I put the items back in the packages he sent with and dropped it off at UPS the very next day.

I told him to refund me all my money, but he was telling me he needs to sell some items first. After a week of waiting, I asked him again for the refund. He said whether I would accept if he can send me different items. I lost my mind again and told him just refund my money, but he stopped responding, and I escalated the case to PayPal. And what I saw was seriously terrible. He was selling some of the items I have returned on eBay already before providing my refund.

Anyway, I have provided PayPal with pictures of the items I received and tracking numbers from return shipping labels. Here comes another incompetent company, UPS. Somehow, they managed to lost one of the packages I sent. And, the seller received two of the packages. Since the seller bought the return shipping labels, UPS told me that they send a paperwork to him for the claim of the lost package which he still did not fill.

After all, even though I have provided every single information PayPal asked for, they closed my case in favor of the seller, and I got denied because of that lost package which is not even my responsibility at that point anymore. After all the talk that I had with different dispute agents all telling me that I will got my refund, and this case will be closed in favor of me, they still managed to be the same incompetent company that people are continuously pointing out.

Imagine being this incompetent that you can write ” This decision was made because we did not receive valid proof or tracking that you returned the merchandise. “. Seriously???? What was the proof of shipping that I send you??? This is a straight up robbery from PayPal. And, I am asking everyone here to point me to the right direction about what I should do so that PayPal won’t get away with this. By the way, I just opened a dispute with Amex. At least, they have a really good customer service that can help me for getting my refund back.


Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t represent the views of IWB.