Peak Inflation Coming this Year; Rate Hikes Will be Temporary Says Famed Contrarian

“Inflation is going to peak this year and will come down dramatically towards the back half,” says Puru Saxena, a retired money manager based in Hong Kong. There is a “massive debt level in most of the world,” he tells our Daniela Cambone, and interest-rate hikes will only last for a shortened period of time due to this in the United States. Pending positive developments out of the conflict in Ukraine, “there is going to be a big washout in the commodity space,” Saxena asserts. “I really wouldn’t be chasing commodities here,” he continues, saying this is late-cycle behavior seen in the commodity sector. “Gold has lost a lot of its safe-haven luster,” due to the rise in cryptocurrencies, Saxena states. “I don’t think valuations are going to compress any further [for equities],” and investors who are willing to go against the herd and allocate to equities are likely to capture their entire business growth over the next ten years, he concludes.

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