Pentagon to Pay Microsoft $22 Billion for Ridiculous Virtual Reality Headsets

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by Chris Black

Bill Gates is making big money on the coronavirus hoax, which he personally invented.

But let’s not forget, he’s also making big money on Microsoft, a criminal organization he founded.

The US military is not going to use “augmented reality” headsets in any situation, but that won’t stop the government from buying millions of dollars’ worth of these devices from Microsoft.

The problem isn’t that we have an elite; the problem is that our elite are a bunch of soulless, evil, satanic parasites.


The Pentagon will pay Microsoft billions of dollars to build augmented-reality headsets for its soldiers. The devices will be backed by the tech firm’s Azure cloud computing services, which was compromised by hackers last year.

The contract was announced on Wednesday and could earn Microsoft up to $21.88 billion over 10 years. Back in 2018, the US Army gave Microsoft $480 million to develop a prototype headset built around the company’s HoloLens technology. Based on its performance, Microsoft will now provide up to 120,000 of the headsets, dubbed the Integrated Visual Augmented System, or IVAS.

The IVAS can project holographic video-game style maps, thermal and night imaging, and target-identification information to soldiers. It can also show where the soldier’s weapon is aimed, and monitor vital statistics like their heart rate.

However, the project is not without its problems. A CNBC reporter tested the prototype headset in 2019 and described it as “a bit buggy,” saying that it needed to be restarted during a demonstration session. Several months later, the military was still reporting glitches with the devices, including GPS and imaging errors, and “poor low light and thermal sensor performance.”

While Microsoft will have a decade and more than $20 billion to iron these issues out, there could be more potential snafus on the horizon. The headsets will be linked to Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service, a service that the company said was hacked last December, leaving 911 emergency lines down in multiple US states


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How could anyone describe the military as “ethical and honourable”?

In my belief, being a soldier and fighting is fundamentally honourable, regardless of the nature of the war. It isn’t a soldier’s business what the war is. But as an institution, the US military is basically an Israeli mercenary army – that is not ethical.

There is not a single action that the US military has been engaged in in the last 150 years that can be framed as “ethical” or “honourable.”

However, that isn’t really the point of this story. The point is that this is just a massive payoff to Microsoft. 

There is no way the military is actually going to use “augmented reality headsets” in war, especially not ones made by Microsoft, a company known for producing buggy garbage. Putting it on Azure almost sounds like satire.

This is what happens: Microsoft donates to politicians, then politicians support transferring public funds to Microsoft. It’s just open corruption. This is the basis of our political system.

Bill Gates just wanted in on that big arms contract money, so he put up an absurd piece of machinery, backed up by his garbage software

The only reason Microsoft is the default operating system is that the US government backed them, making them the default system for schools and government offices. It would have been much, much better if the free software people had had their way, and all operating system software was open source. The US government could have made that happen. But they didn’t, because they were bribed by Microsoft.

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