The Russia-Ukraine Situation

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By Chris Black

To give you a little context first, check out these tweets:

As per various mainstream media reports, the Russians are sending troops and tanks alongside the eastern border of Ukraine. The failing fake-news outlet NYT estimates the figure at 4000 regular Russian soldiers, yet they remain entirely within Russia’s national boundaries.

EUCOM, aka US European Command raised its Europe threat level to its highest of “potential imminent crisis”. Also, there has been a significant uptick in shelling and fighting in the war-torn Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine in the last week.

Russian state media has said that “The movement of Russian troops across the country should not concern other states since this does not pose any threat to them”.

Here’s the deal:

The US didn’t learn the Georgia lesson. After arming and training Georgia, having Georgia initiating an attack on South Ossetia in August 2008 with an artillery bombardment within a month of Condoleeza Rice’s visit resulted in an epic defeat.

Russia cleaned out every Georgia unit which had South Ossetia within artillery range in a matter of days.

Failing presidential candidate McCain shouting “We are all Georgian’s now!” and the US known for its “Shock and Awe” on Iraq only decrying Russia’s “disproportional” response only added to this foreign policy failure.

The Russian army now is a significant more capable force in terms of manpower, training, actual fighting experience and equipment. Do not bait the bear near its home territory.

Also believing your own propaganda is a sure way to get bitch slapped in the face by reality.

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South Ossetia was only a rebellious part of an independent Georgia from 1918-1921. So the Georgia claim is bogus.

As much bogus is the legitimacy of the US instigated coup in February 2014 which installed Poroshenko/Yatsenuk and which regime after that “routine” visit by the usual suspect Brennan in April 2014 initiated a “Anti-Terrorist Operation” against the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in the east disenfranchised by that very same coup.

This conflict was initiated by the Obama administration. Specifically, Biden and Nuland led the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and the entire most active phase of the clashes took place in 2014 -2015.

Under the administration of Donald Trump, the conflict was frozen and only occasionally there were sluggish ongoing clashes.

And here again the Biden-Harris war party leads the United States. Americans and their NATO partners need to reflect on who thawed this war and the far-reaching potential consequences of this conflict.

Part of the reason that Russia did not just take Donbass in 2014 was that they wanted to keep Ukraine intact as an ally.  Now realizing that is impossible, do not be surprised if they are willing to throw away Nordstream 2.   

If they realize the USA will start a war rather than let Nordstream 2 be completed, then there really is no incentive not to simply take half or all of Ukraine and settle the matter.

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That inexplicable stupidity in American behavior towards Russians should never have happened. 

In 1863, the Russians sent 2 naval squadrons to guard New York and San Francisco from the blockade by the British fleet. For a whole year, both naval squadrons stood in the roadstead.

 Russian Turchinov (General John Turchin, Civil War hero) was a personal friend of President Abe Lincoln. The Americans helped the Russians both during the Russian Empire and during the civil war (bypassing Woodrow Wilson and his friends from Wall Street), they helped even during the Soviet era, I mean the Russians helped the Americans in the war against the Japanese in China. 

So what has changed?

 Or is the kosher interest of lobbyists who are not even loyal to US so great that it is worth risking of a third world war?


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