People against Politicians Who Always Want War

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by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Are you saying that the people left alone do not hate each other, it is the politicians?


ANSWER: Yes. They do not teach hatred in school in Israel or the Arab world. There are families who have lost people and that is why the old adage was you kill your enemy and his family for the son will only grow up to avenge their father’s death. The hostility is fostered at the political level.

Today, we have a very serious problem. As Matt Taibbi has reported, journalists once challenged the Spy State. Now, They’re Agents of It. If we look at the polls on Russia, the media in pushing Hillary’s agenda have turned Russia into an evil empire. The press in the United States REFUSED to ever investigate the fact that the bankers were blackmailing Yeltsin in 2000 which is why he withdrew in 2000 and handed it to Putin. That is why Hillary blamed the Russians because she was behind trying to take over Russia for the bankers. The media has ensured there will be World War III because they have promoted the propaganda and never investigated anything.

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The people are not the problem. If the politicians were removed, things would be different. Take the famous Treaty of Versailles when Germany surrendered at World War II. The French politicians insisted that is where it would take place because the first treaty of Versailles is where the French surrendered and the German Empire was born. Politicians have long memories. When I had meetings in Yugoslavia, I heard about the justification for genocide against Muslims because of their Jihad against the Serbs during the 14th century when the Ottoman Empire was expanding. Memories can go back hundreds of years in Europe far beyond the life of the United States.

See also  Gov Ron DeSantis: Today, Florida prevailed in our lawsuit against the unlawful CDC order that shut down the cruise industry. This is a defeat for bureaucratic overreach, and a win for Florida jobs and tourism.

It is important to separate the people from the state. The people usually have no desire for war. When FDR wanted to get into WWII, he went to Boston which was predominantly Irish. He had to promise he would only send materials. The Irish said that their sons would not die for the British who let the Irish starve to death which is why they migrated to American during the famine. Memories extend back in time.


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