People are saying that AOC deleted this because she realized that it is celebrating people losing their jobs – That is not why she deleted it – She deleted it because these oil prices make her Green New Deal look completely pointless

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AOC Deleted Tweet – “Loves to See the Oil Crash”

People are forgetting that the so called “moderate” Democratic nominee in 2016, Hillary Clinton, celebrated the idea that “we’re gonna put a lot of coal companies and coal miners out of business.” The left openly celebrates fossil fuel workers losing their jobs and they voted en masse for a lady that cheered it on. So no, AOC did not delete this because she was worried about people losing their jobs getting angry at her. Stop pretending that these elitists care about the little guy.

AOC deleted this because someone told her that these oil prices are the worst thing that could happen to her precious Green New Deal narrative.


h/t tombombadil


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