This is why they want mail-in voting. This is what they want to impose upon us.

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Comrades, senators within the United States government have proposed a terrific scheme to force taxpayers to fund their own confinement.   According to the plan $500 billion will be provided to state and local officials in an effort to offset lost revenue as a result of keeping citizens under house arrest.  Under the remarkable plan, taxpayers will now be paying for their own confinement.

Under the proposal, citizens who are not permitted to work; and who cannot leave the confinement of their homes or residence to earn a living; are now going to be compelled by the authority of the government, to pay the continued salaries of government workers.

Meanwhile, in a brilliant twist to benefit the State, as a result of their dictatorial power there is no currently functioning system of representation for any citizen to petition their unwarranted house-arrest.  You just can’t make this stuff up folks… unfortunately.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. Senate Republican and a Democrat proposed a $500 billion rescue package for state and municipal governments on Monday, as it became increasingly clear that the next coronavirus relief bill will not include money for reeling local authorities.

[…] Bill Cassidy (R), of Louisiana, and New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez, who represent two of the states hit hardest by the pandemic, said their bill would allocate money based on states’ populations, infection rates and revenue losses in order to ensure that money goes where it is needed most.

[…] State governors and local officials across the United States have been pleading for more federal aid to provide essential services, as Americans stay home and businesses have closed because of the coronavirus outbreak. (read more)

These are remarkable times….

I can’t wait to see who lines up to support this scheme.

I can also sense a disturbance in the force.



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