Periodic Reminder to Buy as Many Guns and as Much Ammo as You Can While It’s Still Legal

by Chris Black

Guns may not be the end-all-be-all solution to any of this, but you can be damn sure of why they want to take them away so badly.

Ya boi Trayshawn will still have one to publicly execute you with, and no one will bother taking it away from him.

Firearms are a form of technology unsuited to these monkeys.

You can tell by how unsure they always look while handling them. I promise the pavement ape in this clip is a prohibited possessor.

All the tell-tale signs are there: fumbling with it like a brain-dead moron, carrying it unloaded—most likely because he carries it without a proper holster—clumsily point-shooting, basically using it as a high-impact melee weapon.

Their ineptitude doesn’t matter if you have nothing to defend yourself with.

The one good thing Reagan ever did was enact laws that were specifically designed to restrict the gun rights of Black Panther activists, so of course this is the single solitary thing cuckservatives are willing to criticize him for.

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Wouldn’t want my heckin’ blackerinos to be unable to terrorize people.

The cuckservative interpretation of the Second Amendment is that it’s a universal right meant for even the absolute worst people in your society.

The Founders understood that you need a society consisting of White Men of Good Character.

The average person is brainwashed to think of Science™ as some arcane magic that they could never hope to understand without spending a decade of their life in academia and the expert class abuses this naiveté by publishing the most ridiculous bullshit imaginable. 

Then the media class launders this ridiculous bullshit into sensational “Study Finds” headlines and the brainwashed retards take it at face value.

“Trust the Experts” is the battle cry of the midwit—a creature too afraid to do any thinking of his own—he outsources it to “official” thinkers who can use this privilege to make the midwit believe anything

We live in the most dishonest time in modern history. 

Everyone knows certain truths, but saying them out loud is a bigger crime than denying them.



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