Peru: Communist President Suspends Constitutional Rights, Citizens Erupt In Protest

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Peru: Attempted Curfew Ends with Mob Looting, Urinating on Lima Superior Court

“Angry mobs stormed various government buildings in Lima, Peru, on Tuesday night, attempting to burn down the Superior Court of Justice of Lima and fighting police with bricks and sticks.

The violent protests followed a turbulent 24 hours in which communist President Pedro Castillo abruptly announced a “curfew” stripping citizens of their constitutional rights, then repealed the curfew when thousands disobeyed it. The curfew, Castillo claimed, was an attempt to subdue nationwide protests against skyrocketing gasoline and food prices, an increasingly common phenomenon in the world’s most vulnerable economies. Outraged political observers told local media that the curfew was baffling given that the government did not implement such measures even at the height of the terror spree by largely defunct Marxist gang Shining Path, and suggested Castillo had lost control of the country.”

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