This is an Amazing Story

by Chris Black

Two Iranian men impersonated federal agents in order to cultivate contacts. They were able to befriend tons of real FBI, DHS and Secret Service employees in the process.

Several agents were even living in apartments provided by these men.

They aren’t saying it, but it’s not hard to see what’s going on here.

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I’ve always said that if a war between the US and Iran/Hezbollah was to ever break out, people would be shocked at how many well embedded assets they have in the US.

They’re not playing. This is going to cause tons of paranoia inside the federal bureaucracy.

This is why state security and intelligence agencies used to consider homosexuals a security risk. Their high time preference and hedonism make them easy marks for bribery, seduction and blackmail.

America has abandoned this premise for ideological reasons, and this is the result. It is now easy for foreign states to get agents close to US officials because of the  sheer number of perverts in *ahem* top positions in DC.


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