Peter Schiff – Mother of All Bubbles Too Big to Pop, Gold Will Explode & Dollar Wiped Out

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How long can the U.S. economy be propped up with ever expanding debt? Money manager Peter Schiff says, “How high can the debt go? I don’t know and you don’t know. . . .How many straws can you put on a camel’s back? You don’t know until you put that final straw that’s one too many and you break his back. So, can we go to $25 trillion in debt? Maybe. At some point, we are going to break the back of the camel with all this debt. Then we are going to find out how much debt we can pile on, and it’s not going to be pretty. Everybody is going to lose. Everybody is going to get wiped out who has been partying in the stock market, the bond market and the real estate market. The dollar is going to tank, and purchasing power is going to get wiped out.”
Inversely, Schiff says it is the same with the suppressed gold and silver markets. Schiff contends, “They can’t keep doing it, and it will end. It’s just like how much debt can we take on. It’s not an unlimited amount. We will know when we get there. How long can they keep the price of gold suppressed? We will know when we get there. At some point, the price is going to explode because there is real physical buying, and all that paper selling can’t camouflage that. . . . People don’t trust fiat currencies . . . . More and more people are looking for alternatives, and the real alternative is gold. When they embrace it, it’s going to overwhelm central banks’ ability to suppress the price. In the meantime, enjoy the gift that they are giving.”
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with money manager and financial expert Peter Schiff, founder of Euro Pacific Capital.

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2 thoughts on “Peter Schiff – Mother of All Bubbles Too Big to Pop, Gold Will Explode & Dollar Wiped Out

  1. He’s been saying the same thing for 6 years now. I believed him that’s why i’m into silver for $26 an oz and gold at $1550 an ounce. It’s time to shut up bro….

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