Republican Establishment Bails on Judge Moore; DEMs Set for Alabama Win?

by Chris Black

This just in: the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced it stopped fundraising for Alabama Candidate Moore. The Republicans dropped the ball and bailed on Judge Moore, who was accused just one month prior to a special election of sexual misconduct from 40 years ago by a number of women.
On his part, Judge Moore is not doing an awesome job defending himself against these (obviously politically motivated) allegations, talking about a spiritual battle instead of asking for a polygraph test on his accusers, but that’s just me. Now, all the swamp GOP kowtowed to the leftist media allegations and already judged Moore, i.e. in their view, he’s guilty until proven innocent.
Has he been found guilty? Or are we in accusation proves guilt mode now? 
When he was a sitting trial judge and was being attacked from all sides, did this come out? When he was Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and was being attacked on all sides, did this come out? When he was running against Strange (lapdog of McConnell in the primary, did this come out? When he was in the runoff against Strange (lapdog of McConnell) did this come out? Did the GOP Establishment find this all the while spending 30 million dollars in the Republican primary to ordain Strange? The answer to all these is  no. Why now? 

This is clearly a hit piece by the Republican Establishment in league with the Democrats and the MSM to take down a man who has the temerity to run against, defeat, and is on the verge of making it to the Senate in the face of the Establishment.
DC establishment lost the primaries, then turned to fake polls and their corporate mainstream media mouthpieces. Plan B was to coordinate with the Democrats for a fake sexual impropriety smear that has failed. Now the DC establishment will try to help the Democrats the same way Bush tried to help Hillary. They desperately need to preserve the rigged DC system.
Let’s be very clear. These are only allegations. The people making these allegations have been proven to have lied and/or have inconsistencies. Their stories cannot be proven. NO SEX was involved. These are merely outrageous unprovable allegations right before a decisive election. Trump faced the same thing. He was accused of raping a thirteen year old chained to a bed with his buddy Epstein one week before the election. He was actually accused of rape. Roy Moore is NOT being accused of rape.
I don’t recall any Senator talking about Biden’s serial groping and exposure of himself to female secret service agents, nor do I recall them threatening to kick Democrat Senator Menendez out for having sex with very young girls (16 years old prostitutes) in the Dominican Republic. I wonder what I am missing…. oh yeah! Biden and Menendez are Democrats!
Bill Clinton’s disgusting abusive behavior is well documented and so is the Clinton machine retaliation against his many accusers. Yet, Democrats revere him as a hero. Judge Moore’s unproven allegations happened 40 years ago and yet he is vilified as guilty until proven innocent. The dishonesty and hypocrisy of the left is astounding.
This is typical Republican behavior: run from any hint that they could be affected. They are cowards. Fear is their motivation – fear of losing the next election, fear of losing their membership in the Congressional club with its prestige, position, power, pay, perks, and pension. Republicans turn their backs on any other Republican who even appears to be in trouble. 
Democrats are the opposite. They stick together and fight to the bitter end. They never give up. They will fight to defend one of their own even when they know he’s guilty. Republicans turn on their comrades in sanctimonious huffs, even when there is no evidence of any misdeed. 
When you don’t defend  a charge without proof, don’t complain when they come for YOU and you’re left to swing in the wind Republicans, 2018 is just around the corner. 
This is why Republicans deserve to lose as they’ve been bullied and hoaxed into giving up a sure thing Senate seat.  If it was a Democrat they wouldn’t have even made it into the news. But the GOP is so afraid of their own shadow, they swallow any accusations the left contrives.