After Asia Trip, Trump Approval Hits 46% as the POTUS Jumps Back Into the Fray With a Major Announcement Coming

by Robert Carbery

Don’t look now my lefty friends, but President Trump’s approval ratings are on the rise after his successful trip through East Asia. According to a respected tracking poll, Trump is edging closer to that 50% mark, one that would certainly ensure a successful reelection in 2020, if accurate.
The Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll revealed on Monday that Trump’s approval rating hit 46% among likely American voters with 53% disapproving. While this poll does tend to tilt to the right a bit, it was the most accurate among the major polling institutions during last year’s unpredictable presidential election. The figures also showed that 30% of Americans strongly approve of the president’s job performance so far versus 44% strongly disapproving. Is the futile resistance still strong or is it finally petering out?
Though polls only prove so much and are only indicators and not predictors (as we learned quite well last November), this poll seems to show that Trump is getting some of the public back on his side. And with his successful 12 day trip to Asia these past couple of weeks, many Americans are coming around to the fact that the Donald is not that bad after all.
Whatever happens, the president has returned to a Washington DC that is melting down over the Roy Moore allegations, a mainstream media still frothing at the mouth over anything Russia-related, and an entrenched Deep State political establishment fighting him at every turn. Will anything get done on trade or immigration or taxes by the end of this year? Or even before the 2018 midterm elections? I mean, they’re already talking about Biden being the 2020 opponent for Trump in the next presidential election!
After Trump’s five country tour during which he dove into issues such as the North Korean threat and America’s trade deficits with nations such as China, he arrived back stateside on Tuesday. And, like the reality TV star that he is, Trump said he would be making a “major announcement” upon his return, but offered no hint as to what that might be.
With the current state of things in Washington right now, Trump’s big announcement could be in reference to a number of things. Or, there could be nothing at all. Will he unveil his position on the GOP’s flailing efforts at passing a pro-growth tax reform bill that cuts the corporate tax rate but raises the individual rate for many and does nothing to reduce the complexity of the tax code? Or will he shock us by stating that we have finally entered into real diplomatic talks with North Korea in light of their lack of nuclear tests over the past couple months? Or maybe he might even surprise us by jumping into the Roy Moore scandal? I’m guessing he will likely steer clear of that but I’ve given up making predictions about this president.

Let’s hope his announcement revolves around trade or something else productive.
Just before the tweet was sent out about his upcoming announcement post-Asia trip, Trump did mention that he had made some major breakthrough in terms of trade in the region. He also took time to thank the staff at the U.S. embassy in the Philippines for doing “GREAT WORK” while he was there. Interestingly enough, praise was not heaped upon other embassies in the region while he was there.
Trump of course touted the Rasmussen poll mentioned above that had him at 46% earlier this week due to the fact that most polls have him at or well below 40%. With the GOP working to get tax reform done by the end of the year, we could very well see Trump use the power of the presidency to get some votes from blue-state Republicans and others on the fence. We will see what he has to say. He did mention he is happy to see Rand Paul back in the Senate who will help him get tax cuts done.
But are they really tax cuts? Will Trump have anything of substance to say on trade following his big trip to Asia? Will he make America great again like he promised or are we already getting better?
We are divided but we are moving forward. We are America and we can do just about anything. But can Trump be successful in DC? That remains to be seen.
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