Peterson on ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Training in Kindergarten: ‘Appalling’ That Schools Are ‘Pushing This Nonsense’

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Canadian psychologist Prof. Jordan Peterson shared his views on a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater professor’s argument that “toxic masculinity” should be taught to children as early as kindergarten.

Kathleen Elliott argues in an issue of “On The Horizon,” an academic journal, that there are “consequences of simplified, toxic forms of masculinity in schools and society.”

Campus Reform reported that Elliott wrote that the media promotes “aspects of toxic masculinity such as physical strength, dominance, and heterosexual prowess.”

Peterson said that “you’d have to be a fool” to teach young children such a concept.

He asked Tucker Carlson why “toxic masculinity” is being discussed at all, and called the term “terribly defiant.”

“I think it’s appalling that faculties of education are pushing this sort of nonsense,” he said.

He went on to say that children that are exposed to such “idiot social justice pseudo-education,” they should be pulled out of their schools.

“Everything about the idea is ridiculous,” he added.

Peterson called Elliott’s goal to teach it “absolutely hopeless.”

According to Campus reform, Elliott cited a now-disbanded University of Wisconsin-Madison “Men’s Project” and said such programs “challenge simplified definitions of masculinity.”

Peterson added that it’s difficult to even define what “toxic masculinity” is.

“Where’s the crisis?” he asked. “Why would we turn the education of our children over to idiot ideologues?”


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