Pfizer Paid $2.3 Billion In Largest Healthcare Fraud Settlement in History

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COVID-19 Vaccine Maker Pfizer Paid $2.3 Billion In Largest Healthcare Fraud Settlement in History

Did you know the COVID-19 vaccine maker Pfizer in 2009, had to pay $2.3 billion in the largest healthcare fraud settlement in history to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products.

Pfizer promoted the sale of Bextra for several uses and dosages that the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) specifically declined to approve due to safety concerns. The company paid a criminal fine of $1.195 billion, the largest criminal fine ever imposed in the United States for any matter. Pfizer also had to forfeit $105 million, for a total criminal resolution of $1.3 billion.

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In addition, Pfizer agreed to pay $1 billion to resolve allegations that the company illegally promoted four drugs – Bextra; Geodon, an anti-psychotic drug; Zyvox, an antibiotic; and Lyrica, an anti-epileptic drug – and caused false claims to be submitted to government health care programs for uses that were not medically accepted indications and therefore not covered by those programs.

As GreatGameIndia reported, a senior managerial executive whistleblower of the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has revealed in shocking details that the AstraZeneca could not be held responsible for any side-effects from its COVID-19 vaccine. The company has agreements with governments as per which AstraZeneca cannot be held responsible and those affected will have no legal recourse.

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According to the co-founder of BioNTech, Dr Ugur Sahin, the COVID-19 vaccine he designed for Pfizer was designed in just few hours in a single day on January 25, 2020. No other vaccine in history has been created and manufactured so quickly. Previously, the fastest vaccine ever developed took more than four years.


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