RINOS ALREADY HAVE A PARTY: ‘The GOP is broken. It’s time for a resistance’: More than 100 Republicans – led by ‘Anonymous’ Trump critic – sign letter threatening to form third party unless it breaks with former President

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  • The letter, titled ‘A Call For American Renewal,’ is set to be published Thursday
  • Signatures include governors, ambassadors, and Republican Party chairmen
  • Demands party returns to a rational party, supports free minds, markets, people
  • Comes as Republicans ousted Liz Cheney from leadership Wednesday 

More than 100 Republicans will sign a letter on Thursday declaring that if the Republican Party does not break with former President Donald Trump and change course, they will back the creation of a third party.

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The letter, titled: ‘A Call For American Renewal,’ is an exploratory move toward forming a breakaway party, two of its organizers said.

The group, which includes former officials at both state and national level, is dismayed by what it says is a modern Republican Party driven by its allegiance to Trump, who continues to falsely claim the 2020 election was stolen from him.

‘The Republican Party is broken. It’s time for a resistance of the ‘rationals’ against the ‘radicals,’ said Miles Taylor, one of the organizers.


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