Pharma tentacles are trying to stop autopsies on children who died after vaccines, while Sanofi refuse to refund Philippines government $40 million for the dangerous faulty jabs. New pro-vaccine propaganda funding being planned

As usual we see that the vaccine story is a stage show with smoke and mirrors, they want the truth hidden, vaccines are a dirty secret of the industry and they will do whatever is possible to keep their lie going.

Three in one here all on the recent Philippines vaccine scandal:-
The industry is desperate to whitewash the reality and try to pretend it wasn’t the vaccines causing the deaths, so they do not want autopsies allowed on the children who died after vaccination
Showing their arrogance and greed, Sanofi has refused to refund the Philippines’ government for the dangerous vaccines
Recto urges DOH to use P634-M ad budget vs vaccine ‘fake news’
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