WOW. The XIV, the VIX inverse ETF is totally BROKEN, down 80-90%. Termination/acceleration likely

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XIV is supposed to be the inverse of the VIX, the volatility index. However, the XIV is now down 90% after-hours. This is the first time an ETF will have triggered the termination, or “acceleration” clause in history. Insane. Something is clearly broken…
People buy this ETF when the market isn’t producing any volatility, which means a lot of people were in it for a long time because it was the smart trade, now you have to go back to a 8-ear chart just to see where the new low will be. Wow…never happened before, not even during the 2008 meltdown. A lot of people (aka hedge funds) will take a massive hit from this. Something is not right, there’s some kind of imbalance that is causing this. I’m sure a lot of folks are calling the SEC right now wondering what’s happening.

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